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Bill Gates Made Data Recovery Easy

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Bill gates provided a ready made option in Microsoft windows, which is very useful for data recovery.

Several time we make mistakes unknowingly and we lost our data, then we need to recover the data. There are so many data recovery solutions available but most of them are very costly. There may be a very easy way for data recovery.

To use data recovery you can back up your files to CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, other internal hard drives, tape drives, etc. They all work, it's just that each media choice has it's own pros and cons regarding ease of use, data storage capacity, and so on. It hardly matter what media you choose for data recovery but the important thing is that it should work.

There are several good backup programs that are very much useful for data recovery job, but Bill gates provided one very good option to do data recovery very easily. Most Microsoft Windows users have a great backup program included with their operating software. If you are a Windows XP user that program is called NT Backup. If it's not already installed on your computer insert your Windows CD, find the folder titled ValueAddMSFT tbackup, and run the program in that folder called ntbackup.msi. It will set up the backup software for use on your computer in no time and you will even have simple to use wizards that will walk you through doing file backups and restores simply and easily.

After properly installing the software you can be prepapered for any time data recovery. Probably this is the easiest way to recover your data. Whenever you will need this trick will work and the cost of data recovery will be negligible.

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