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Disaster Recovery- Managing the Risk

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Helping your business survive in the event of an unforeseen disaster: Most business failures are not from bad business but from bad business practices.

Most companies that fail are the ones that have not planned how their business will continue to function in the event of a disaster.

We put in the conventional safeguards such as alarming the premises, locking up vital areas and information, putting in fire prevention systems.

But what thought is given to make sure that the vital data that is needed for a business to continue is in a safe place- can be accessed and is current information.

Sales/purchases ledgers.

Do you know what the company is owed?

Can you prove to your insurers what is owed and what your replacement costs are?

Business processes.

Where are your procedures manuals, technical drawings, and patents?


Where are your policies kept?

Back up tapes- they are off site but what do we load them on to.

How often do we back up our information? Where is it kept? On site-in your briefcase? How do we restore it.

Cheque books-paying in books-writing paper-invoice paper. Have they gone up in smoke?

There are a few safeguards that we can put in place so that the business can continue to function in the event of a disaster. These processes do not have to be expensive or costly.

They require common sense, a little professional help and a place that is risk free where you can store the information vital for your survival.

We spend millions each year with insurance companies, insuring for the eventuality of the business having a disaster- surely the small amount of time cost & effort in making sure that you have the wherewithal to continue trading as soon as possible is the prime objective.

"BattleBoxes?" containing essential items for business continuation can be created for your company with a minimum of effort and will give you the peace of mind, so that you can continue the business in the event of a disaster.

Oh! And by the way ask your insurers for a reduction in your premiums. Lowering the risk limits their exposure- why should they reap all the rewards.

Terry Cohen is a director of Archival Record Management PLC, who specialise in looking after the data that companies create - in all formats. They offer a full records management service that includes scanning services. Contact him on 020 7703 3915 or

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