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Offsite Data Backup Not Just for Fortune 500 Companies Anymore

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In today's high paced digital world there is a very high value placed on information. Not just the kind of information you read in the newspaper or your favorite trade journals, but the type of information that we generate on a day to day basis with our digital devices. There was a time when a concept like "offsite data backup" was relegated to the geeks in IT at Fortune 500 companies?

That time is gone.

With mission critical data stacking up in both our professional and private lives more and more every day ANYONE who uses a computer should think about the safety and security of that data. And it's not just geeks and big companies generating large amounts of important information. The average computer user is doing more than just word processing nowadays. Email, spreadsheets, financial data, personal music collections, movies, and more are digitally encoded onto the hard drives of millions of regular computer users just like you every day. How many of them do you think have considered what it would be like to LOSE IT ALL?

But today even the casual computer user has the ability to ensure the security and safety of their critical data. Online backup (or remote backup) solutions are available and within the reach of even the novice computer user. Many offsite backup solutions are as easy to configure as a web browser or media player software and can be installed and set up in a matter of minutes. Better yet, these online backup solutions can be set up to function in a completely transparent manner (that is, once you install and configure the application you don't have to touch it again, sometimes called "set and forget"). Backups can be scheduled to occur at intervals you choose or can be invoked manually before performing a risky computer operation such as updating your operating system or adding a new hardware device.

Nowadays we all have data that we want to preserve and ensure it's usefulness to us, and if you are serious about protecting your data you should seriously consider an offline secure backup solution.

Your DATA is your LIFE. Protect it!

Harald Anderson is a freelance writer and webmaster for an online backup service. Experience the Digital Peace of Mind that safe, secure, encrypted online data backups can offer. Online Backups

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