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How to Become Debt Free

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In today's consumer society it is all too easy to get into debt. If you have a few credit cards, car loan, mortgage and possibly student loans it can easily add up. If your income is reduced for any reason you could find yourself in serious financial difficulty.

Your goal should be to become debt free. It is possible but will require a major change on how you think about money. You will also have to change your spending habits and spend less money than you make each month no matter what. If you have a tendency to over spend, limit your spending by relying on cash instead of credit cards or store cards. Set a monthly spending budget.

Next you need to pay off your high interest unsecured loans, credit cards and store cards. You can use a debt consolidation loan or if you own your own home, get a home equity loan. A debt consolidation loan enables you to replace all your current high interest loans and credit card debt with one low interest loan which can cut your monthly repayments by up to 50% and put money in your pocket.

Debt consolidation is a very useful tool if you know what you are doing and understand how you got into debt in the first place. It is all pointless if you continue with your old spending habits as chances are you will end up in even more debt in just a few years.

For more information on debt consolidation and becoming debt free see Get out of Debt

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