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The 'experts' have tried to evaluate me as a sufferer of this but found no such evidence or behavior. The same was true for all other mental or medical conditions, so they think 'witch' covers my condition in life; because I refuse to participate in the materially managed environment any more. We will not explore the horrors of the current forms of Inquisition in great detail in this book as it relates to me. That would definitely be too serious and intense, as I would explain society's role in tortures such as I witness all around me every day. I have been thwarted in devious gambits by those who have something even worse than the strait-jacket as we have seen Drs Breggin and Cohen describe in 'Science'. They call it (appropriately) 'pharmacological lobotomies'. ECT is even more disgusting and joins Ritalin in a campaign which social forces are developing in this control paradigm. It seems relevant to point out enough of the matter of my experience so that you will know you are getting it pretty close to what they say when they use the phrase 'the horse's mouth'.

Even the pharmacological and psychiatric conglomerate acknowledges the physical elements of depression. Some are cluing in to nutrition and massage or simple caring. The effects of education and alienation are massive, but bad parenting and the lack of enabling nutritive support in early life establish character and behavior traits that stubbornly resist real therapeutic methods. These obsessions often are far too time-consuming for high-paid 'professionals' to offer assistance - so we just drug and deceive! This medical model as some call it makes a great deal of money and keeps the public at large thinking something humane is going on in the life of the care-givers and victims of a society without true spiritual awareness and far too little compassion. The buzz words and catchy phrases like 'informed consent' are not anything more than deceit, as they still give lobotomies. In one case they did it without informing the person who just died in 2005.

Francis Mark Mondimore writes a book called 'Depression, The Mood Disease' updated in 1993 by Johns Hopkins University that presents the lies of this machine that Ivan Illich (in 'Limits To Medicine') identified as 'mechanistic and over-professionalized' in the mid 70s.Here is the overstatement of the century from its inside flap:

"The revised 'Depression, the Mood Disease' tells readers exactly what they need to know about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of depression:

*How antidepressant drugs were discovered, how they work, and with what side effects. {I'm biting my tongue!}

*What Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and panic attacks are, and how they are treated.

*How electro-convulsive therapy has changed for the better--and why it now works for up to 90% of those treated. {And all the professions involved in continuing to provide this fearsome horror that is necessary to repeat as it continues frying brain cells. Now randomly due to a drug cocktail, so that people's libido and zest is burned out too.}

*How the special problems of depression in children and older persons are handled. *How to deal with a depressed friend or family member.

*How such disorders as hormonal imbalance and even lead poisoning can 'mimic' the symptoms of depression.

*Why depression is sometimes misdiagnosed as 'PMS', drug abuse, or Alzheimer's disease..." (2)

The future holds promises and terrors galore in the application of 'easy' answers like drugs developed for specific genetic make-ups and nanites to monitor and deliver targeted drugs or shocks to the system in order to make us behave as we should. The ever-increasing 'big brother' that allows the growth industries associated with the management of people will lead to full employment if we allow it to continue down the current path. There will only be one benefit as the unemployable grow in number and the employment roles show full employment. The statistics will show the economy is productive and there is little unemployment or reason to worry about an economic depression. That is the end of the excerpt from my encyclopedia. I will be including some other more recent writings as we proceed.

I had returned from the Caribbean and a failed business experience in Mexico and Belize in the month of March 1998. My last wife and I had purchased a yacht, which we hoped to be able to build a party boat/tourist business around. My wife had named the boat 'Champagne Dreams' after the motto of Robin Leach's show 'The Rich and the Famous'. It was her idea that we put a Jacuzzi on the front deck, of this 47 foot fiberglass yacht that we purchased in Fort Lauderdale, and our partner (Captain Crunch) Jerry had taken with me to Cancun. His nickname had not been established until we were leaving Key West. He destroyed the fueling station of the marina while hitting three other boats. We were still married though it was never a real marriage as most people think of it. The relationship was already complicated with another man named David.

It is not the purpose of this book to try to describe the trials and tribulations of a relationship between myself and a young Vietnamese exotic dancer who had been one of the 'boat 'people'. Suffice it to say there were many exciting times that had lead me to the point where I was ready to leave this world before I even met her. I had been a self-made millionaire at the age of thirty. My travels and business had allowed me to meet some of the most interesting people. By any standard of measurement most would agree I had enjoyed life FULLY. My interest in psychology due to having grown up with a schizophrenic mother had long before gotten into the realm of Eastern mysticism and parapsychology.

My wife was just twenty-two and I was forty six years old. We had gone to Cancun in early September of 1997 to further research a stele that I had found at Chichen Itza four years before with my previous wife. This event had ended with my being thrown off the site, and having to sign a document giving the Mexican authorities the right to throw me in a Mexican prison, without any recourse to the courts and Canadian law. This is truly a story of oppression of the Mayan and native people of Central America that includes a deceit of history which is IMMENSE! We had been doing a non-invasive charcoal rubbing of this 'stele' (stone for heavenly worship, or library in stone). It had been painted over twice and it seemed the white surface would have made the pictures provide insufficient clarity. So we had some paper we were using over the stone to capture the alphabet that had not 'come out' in the previous photos I had taken four years earlier when the granite 'rock' had its original shiny surface.

This alphabet I believe confirms the work of Col. Churchward, the author of 'The Lost Continent of Mu', who documents the Cara-Maya language is the translational medium through which the Greek alphabet on the other side of the 'stele' tells the story of the destruction of the civilization that originally colonized South America some sixty thousand years earlier. I believe Col. Churchward would agree with my statement that the original colonization had started during the Riis-Wurm geologic Ice Age, and was finalized during the last Ice Age; if he had the benefit of recent geologic and archaeologic evidence. A fellow researcher and good friend named Brenda found this in Islam and Sufism which applies to my personal quest.

Dear Brenda:

Was this the result of Jeffrey mentioning the Language of the Birds is the Language of the Bards and the alchemist (like this person) Fulcanelli? This whole thing is very much from the Keltic Creed. I draw attention to these parts - "The Hoopoe says that it is better to lose your life than to languish miserably. The Hoopoe says,

So long as we do not die to ourselves, and so long as we identify with someone or something, we shall never be free. The spiritual way is not for those wrapped up in exterior life.5

You will enjoy happiness if you succeed in withdrawing from attachment to the world. Whoever is merciful even to the merciless is favored by the compassionate. It is better to agree to differ than to quarrel. The Hoopoe warns the sixth bird against the dog of desire that runs ahead. Each vain desire becomes a demon, and yielding to each one begets a hundred others. The world is a prison under the devil, and one should have no truck with its master. The Hoopoe also says that if you let no one benefit from your gold, you will not profit either; but by the smallest gift to the poor you both benefit. She says,

Good fortune will come to you only as you give. If you cannot renounce life completely, you can at least free yourself from the love of riches and honors.6

A pupil becomes afraid in facing a choice between two roads, but a shaikh advises getting rid of fear so that either road will be good. The Hoopoe tells the eighth bird that only if death ceases to exercise power over creatures would it be wise to remain content in a golden palace." (3)

The 'experts' have tried to evaluate me as a sufferer of this but found no such evidence or behavior. The same was true for all other mental or medical conditions, so they think 'witch' covers my condition in life; because I refuse to participate in the materially managed environment any more. We will not explore the horrors of the current forms of Inquisition in great detail in this book as it relates to me...

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