What Qualities Do Franchisors Need?

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When I got into business I wanted to build a company, which helped people and provide a product and service that people loved and were willing to pay for; one I would not have to sell or convince anyone of. Something that people truly wanted to extend and enhance their pursuit of happiness. I found the perfect service that everyone wanted and where sales were not really needed at all. In addition I found a way to allow my team to reap the rewards of delivery of that service to the masses.

Franchising accomplishes all those goals for me. Franchising is the hardest business in the World. You have to be a coach, a psychologist, a lawyer, a strategic planner, a king, a marketer, a janitor, a grandfather, sounding board, and a mentor. The pressure is on and if you make a mistake there is no one to blame, it is all on you. People give you their life savings; real people who have real families, real needs and need to make money. If you underestimate your competition, miss a market opportunity, pick the wrong franchisees, you can destroy everything you've created. The stakes are high; but it is rewarding and challenging. Do I have any complaints, no? Would I do it again? HELL YES. For the right Team I will go to hell and back. And I may have to, judging by the incessant litigation and over regulation in our civilization today.

Ray Kroc was right to name his book "Grinding it Out" because that is exactly what its about. My hat goes off to those greats who came before me. Most people will never experience what they have, what I have, or have the perseverance to see it through. As I read their biographies, the similarities are so close to home it is scary. Most people give up right before they succeed. I can't because I am not allowed to quit, I promised myself that early on in my sports career as a long distance runner, later in fundraising for non-profits, in college again in business.

I remember once I rode a bicycle from OR to Mexico to raise money for Special Olympics. I did it in six days. I remember being so tired, so cold in the rain pushing my bike because I couldn't ride any farther until I made it to my goal for that day. Later in that ride I nearly froze shaking so bad I could not hold the bike straight, but again refused to quit. Refused to give up. I think I froze the inside of my throat that early morning after riding non-stop through the cold at 20 degrees plus the wind chill factor created by peddling at 30 mph, it still hurts to this day. I would not give up then or ever again. I kept remembering my favorite quote "Winners never quit and quitters never win." I later added to that quote "You can never lose if you never quit." This is similar to the saying; If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. It makes you proud of our past leaders with their famous quotes of "Perseverance," "Press On" and "Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up."

Why did I start my franchise company? Because I saw something no one else saw. I see a market everyone else denies exists; went out to prove it exists. We helped others reach their dreams to own their own business. Without having to endure what I have. I already did it for them. Our team would not let down those willing to go the extra distance. We will help them find a way if they are serious and they want in, we will figure it out. And so our mantra became literally "to boldly go" and to never surrender. In this day and age those are the qualities you need if you wish to franchise and you probably need a million in start-up capital too. There is no easy way. Think on this.

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