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Health forums are great for gathering information, resources, advice, tips and tricks, business names/information, product reviews, expert advice and much more. Many forums have experts on health subjects that are monitoring the forums 24/7 and are very quick to reply to your post(question).

In this way, you can actually ask your specific question, and get a answer that is related to you specifically. This tends to be much easier than looking up information on your own, in most cases people will go and look up credible information and do all the searching for you.

I'm sure, by now, your ready to find your first health forum to post on. Before you do, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1.When searching for forums, find forums with currently active users, for an immediate response.

2.Don't be afraid to sign up for the forum, 99% of health forums are quick and easy to sign up for.

3.The best way to get information from a forum is to go to the category that best suits your question and then post your question.

4.Short and to the point posts get the best responses.

5.Some times you will need to sign up and post on more than 1 forum to get the response you want. Dont be deterred, the time you spend signing up and posting questions is probably no better off searching for something on Google.

Here's 3 health & vitamin forums to help you get started.

1.Health & Vitamin Forums

2.Health Forums

3.Vitamin Forum

Remember, stay safe! Consult your family doctor before taking any treatment, or remedy your unsure of.

Happy Posting!

Tyler D. Falls

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