Flash Your ATI Video Cards BIOS

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Flash your ATI video card BIOS.

You will need the following:

1. 1.44MB FDD (floppy)

2. FLASHROM utility copy

3. Compatible BIOS file for your video card. (search the manufactures website for bios details)

4. Required Drivers. (check manufactures website)

Alright now

First make an ATI BIOS flash boot disk.

-Bios flash operations for video must be performed in DOS.

-You will need a DOS boot disk, you can obtain one if you do not already ahve one at, download there dr DOS image file after that run the .exe file that comes with it. Which will create a clean DOS boot disk. (if any problems folow instruction son the website)

-If you need other ways of obtaining a boot disk just post in a related thread.

Now that you have a DOS boot disk, copy the BIOS file you downloaded and the FLASHROM.exe file onto the disk.

Make a backup of your ATI video card BIOS

Make a backup of your current video card BIOS before flashing the bios, incase of problems. (better safe than sorry)

-boot your computer with the boot flash-disk you had created in the first step.

-during the "A:" prompt type "flashrom.exe -s 0 backup.rom" ENTER

-now the utlity FLASHROM will make a backup of your video's bios onto the bios flash disk (called backup.rom)

-Just in case, if we have to go back to the original bios.

Flash your ATI video card's bios

-at the A: prompt type the following to flash your video bios

-"flashbios -p 0 (name of new bios file you downloaded including the extention) hit ENTER (no brackets around the name of your new bios file)

-Flashrom will overwrite your odl bios with your new bios.

-if any errors ocured do not restart; consult troubleshooting.

-if there is a pause in the procedure, for say the bios types do not match you may use a "-f" switch to force the operation (force if certian the bios suits your video card)

Forcing the BIOS flash type:

During the thrid section instead of typing -"flashbios -p 0 (name of new bios file you downloaded including the extention)


-"flashrom -f -p 0 (name of new bios file you downloaded including the extention)

-If you had made it this far without any errors and everything seems to have gone correctly, than restart your system.

-monitor the post screen for the video card info

-double check that your procedure worked and your bios has worked correctly.

-also watch to see if your OS boots correctly

-plz keep in mind that your new bios may need new up to date drivers.

Hooray! Congrats! You have successfully changed your video card's BIOS.

Jason Barrett

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