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One of the bigger challenges facing display manufacturers is to develop a picture with the same warm characteristics as Cathode Ray Tube, but with far less weight and size.

The disadvantage of CRT, however is the size, weight and power consumption. The focus has now shifted to flat panels. Canon and Toshiba are about to introduce a new display technology called SED or Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display.

The SED consists of layers of glass plates seperated by a vacuum. One plate is mounted with electron emitters, much like the electron gun in the CRT. The number of emitters are equal to the number of pixels. Another layer, is coated with a flourescent substance that reflects light at different wavelength, than the incident light.

When a voltage is applied, electrons are emitted from one side of a very narrow slit, and are scattered and accelerated by voltage applied on the other side of the slit, causing collision with the flourescent coated plated and light is emitted. To the trained eye, a visible lag can be noticed when viewing LCD's.

SED is similiar to CRT with the light emission theory, and the manufacturers claim the dynamic color can be expressed in sharp pictures and faster responses than LCD's or plasmas. Since no deflection of beam is required, screens of more than 40 inches and only centimetres thick can be created. Power consumption is claimed to be one third that of PDP and LCD's.

The introductory cost, at this point may be of some concern, however as with all new technologies, it can be expected to decrease as improvements are made. We keep on the lookout.

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