Where Can I Find The Best Case Mods Online and Save Money?

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Are you captivated by the stunning Case Mods you've seen online but shell shocked at some of the prices.

What is a case mod, some of you may ask? Have you every wanted to spice up that boring bland box you call your computer?

Well you can and there are lots of people online with fantastic clever ideas on themes, gee whiz lights, sounds, and much much more. Here is a list of top places where you can get information, buy stuff, and chat with others about your ideas.

If you want great case mod information you should go to the Best Case Scenario;

There you will get great advice on do it yourself case mod projects that will save you money. You will find "well written and photographed case modding worklog that allows us to follow a modder's project in a step-by-step fashion".

If you want to buy great case mod items at low prices you should go to:

Their statement sums up what the site is about; "A unique shopping experience for the Hardcore PC Enthusiast! Along with providing an excellent selection of high quality items and offering exceptional and personal customer service, has found many unique ways to save you money and make your shopping experience an enjoyable one."

If you want case mod forums and galleries go to;

Do it yourself case modding projects. "If you want guides to dozens of creative modding projects, this is your site"

These sites have great advice and products on all kinds of case mod ideas.

Now First-Ever Star Wars PC (more info at

Alienware now has a line of Star Wars PCs. In addition to stunning Star Wars graphics on the case, the systems also come with spectacular Star Wars skins and Wallpaper. (more info at

According to Alienware;

"As possibly the most popular movie franchise of all time, Star Wars has appeared on countless products and become an indelible part of pop culture. Despite all of that, however, there has never been a PC that Star Wars fans could call their own. Until now. The first-ever Star Wars PC, the Alienware Aurora: Star Wars Edition, has arrived, bringing together one-of-a-kind Star Wars style and award-winning Alienware power to forever transform your computing experience."

The Star Wars graphics on both the "light side" and the "dark side" versions look as impressive as it gets. (more info at

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