A Diamond Christmas 2004!

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When Archduke Maximillian of Austria bestowed a diamond ring on Mary of Burgundy in 1477, giving a diamond as a symbol of love and commitment was birthed. Prior to this only royalty wore diamonds, believing they symbolized strength and courage. The root of the word diamond comes from the Greek word "adamas", which means unconquerable". Other folklore surrounding diamonds links them to Cupid, whose arrows were said to be tipped with diamonds.

A diamond is an exceedingly rare item. Over 250 tons of ore must be processed to come up with just one 1-carat diamond of any quality. There are five nations in the world which account for over 90% of the world's rough diamond supply, and those are Australia, Botswana, Namibia, Russia and South Africa. Several other countries produce smaller but significant stones, like the Canadian Excellent Cut diamonds from the Arctic circle.

Now that we agree that they are rare and quite valuable, why still do we want to give them as gifts? Because they're beautiful! And elegant, dazzling and all the other adjectives she'll likely apply when she opens the gift you've come up with. Diamond jewelry is like nothing else, and if you're looking to make this a Christmas or Holiday to remember, the gift of diamonds will make this an unforgettable Holiday season!

So how do you go about purchasing that diamond bauble she's always wanted? Here are some guidelines to follow that will give you the best chance at success!


Notice her style now. To have the best chance at finding a diamond style that compliments her natural chosen style you need to come armed with the knowledge of several things. Some of those include does she like classic, contemporary, or vintage styling? What metals does she wear. Is it exclusively gold, platinum, silver? Does she like bold or muted pieces, and the relative size of the jewelry in her possession now.


You may have to be sort of James Bondish to get this information in order to preserve the surprise, but getting ahold of a ring just long enough to have it sized would be the mission, should you choose to accept it! That said, there is always the option or buying a loose diamond and letting her shop for the setting. You're still a hero and she gets exactly what she wants!


Diamonds come in many shapes and settings. Would she like a round diamond, a marquise cut or oval, a princess cut or emerald, pear or heart; there are many choices available to you to find just the diamond jewelry she wants. When your're out shopping,linger by the jewelry counters long enough to let her look but not long enough to arouse suspicion. You may be rewarded with hints of preference that will help you. Take into consideration the size and shape of her hands. This will have a bearing on how the ring looks on her. For instance large rings sometimes overwhelm small hands. Try to think proportionately.


What is the occasion? Is it a Christmas or Holiday gift? A birthday bauble? Anniversary? Engagement? Whatever the occasion, know that she'll look upon this gift as something special, a gift of love and endearment. Choose wisely!


Choosing where you buy a diamond has never been easier. Besides the plethora of diamond retailers in your very neighborhood, the internet has made diamond shopping incredibly convenient. Most of the major jewelers have an online presence, and often this will get you more stone for the money, as they have little or no overhead online. Most offer guarantees and return privileges, and buying online is in my view very much safer than handing my credit card to an eighteen year old with a spending problem. Also, as you know if you're reading this, information is readily available online, and suspect at times offline. A website is not on commission or limited so mcuh by inventory as a commissioned salesperson might be.

Do some discreet research, gather your data, go online and find the rock of her dreams! Make this a Diamond Christmas!

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