Bathed in Blue - Love Can Happen for You

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Whether you know him by Eros or Cupid, this son of the Goddess Venus aka Aphrodite, has long been associated with Valentines Day. Cupid the cheeky cherub loves to play and delights in aiming his pointed arrows at unsuspecting victims. When his arrow pierces your heart- you will fall madly and deeply in love.

This Valentine, I felt the effects of his love tipped dart and it has been the most glorious feeling in the world. The most incredible, sexy, intelligent, funny, loving man on the face of this earth fell in love with me and I with him. There is no explaining this phenomenon except to say that Cupid must have played a role.

Now you might be saying to yourself, ???well great for her but what does this have to do with me?

If it can happen to me, it can happen to you and here's how.

If you are bathed in blue instead of red today, then chances are you are alone. Am I right? Now,I am sorry to hear that but it is a temporary situation only and one that can be rectified quite quickly. Do you want to know how? Okay then work with me here.

This is going to sound like an odd request but I want you to relish in the fact that you are alone. Oh ya, just great, thanks for the tip Frank. Its Valentines Day and everyone has a honey or a date and they are getting candy and gifts and you want me to be happy that I am alone? What gives? Hear me out ok; just think about this for a second. When is two lonelier than one?

When you are with someone you don't want to be with and ???alone is preferable to that in my book???, wouldn't you agree?

Of course you would love to be with the one but were Seals and Crofts really right when they said if you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with?

That may be ok for a one night stand but I doubt that you would want this to be the platform for your life long mate.

So why did I tell you to relish in the fact that you are alone instead of receiving chocolates and gifts and having an adoring man look into your eyes and say sweet nothings to you? Why?Because right this minute or in a minute from now once I tell you what to do, you will be in the process of attracting the most wonderful, fantastic, amazing mate that you have ever imagined. In fact, they are on their way to meet you right now. They like you are seeking their match but there is one thing that stands in the way for both of you and that is a big thing called recognition.

Ah there you go being crazy again Frankie???what do you mean by that? Play with me here please.

How many times have you daydreamed about your perfect mate? How descriptive and precise did you get? I want you to imagine this phantom lover again but in great detail..

That's right. I mean Stick your head out from under those covers, throw a robe on and grab a piece of paper. NOW!

I want you to draw two columns. The first column is for all the things you DON'?T ever want in a relationship again. Take your time and throw out all of the bad stuff you have ever experienced. It may be like I will not be with anyone who is chronically late, forgets my birthday, who is a slob, cheats on me, hits me, has no integrity, can't cook, never takes initiative, smokes, isn't creative, doesn't work, blah, blah, blah. Now in the other column I want you to reverse the negative. So for instance- I am looking for someone who respects time, remembers important dates, has integrity, values honesty, cooks me meals once in awhile, etc. Be very specific about what you want. VERY! This is your dream person so don't hold back. It doesn't matter if you think they can exist or not. This is not the point of the exercise.

The point of the exercise is for you to get clarity about what it is you really want. Why?

Well if you don't know what it is you are looking for, then how are you ever going to find it? How will you know when it arrives on your doorstep, that this is the parcel that was meant for you?

Is it possible that you may be alone right now because you kept opening up a package meant for someone else?

Now once you are done with this exercise, I want you to put your Recognition statement someplace that you can read it daily.You are now starting to manifest your desire.

How do you feel? Have you felt something shift? Do you feel like you are back in the drivers seat? Good!

If you are alone this Valentines Day- I want you to celebrate this day of love by being your own Valentine and treating yourself to the gift of self love. Stop beating yourself up for what you perceive to be your failure. You are not alone because you are unlovable or unattractive or overweight. You are alone because you haven't been open to receiving love. You haven't been clear on what or who you wanted in your life, but now you have changed that.

Celebrate today by being nice to yourself.Go and get a great haircut, buy some swiss chocolates, run a luxurious bubble bath and put on some sexy lingerie. Lie back and imagine the love that is coming to you. Soon you will be a pair. Smile...your twin flame is on their way.

Look at this day as the day that is going to kick start your lover into coming to you. Ask Eros or Cupid to aim his dart accurately this time. Give him your list. That very detailed list so that he will know exactly who to target. Let there be no mistake.

Celebrate in joy the fact that very soon your lover, your mate, your twin flame will find you, for just as you are seeking them, they too, are seeking you.

Please don't forget that love comes in many forms - today your doggy might be your Valentine but don't despair; because by Valentines Day next year, I am certain you will be a pair...

Happy Valentines Day

Frankie Picasso is an Entrepreneur and Performance Enhancement Coach who helps people attain impossible goals every day. She is a Motivational Speaker, Executive Business and Personal Life Coach, Certified Master Trainer Coach with her company Conversation with My Shoes as well as a trainer with the International Coach Academy.

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