Fathers Day and Flowers

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Father's Day is about to be celebrated in Australia. The first Sunday in September.

Now traditionally Father's Day is not associated with flowers. Why?

Mainly because fathers grow flowers and so most consider Dad wouldn't like to get flowers as a gift.

This is in many cases not true. Dads are male and many, many males get a real kick out of getting flowers.(They aren't known to include them on their "wish list").

Think about it for a moment. You buy Dad socks and jocks and wonder, what else?

Well, why not take the socks and jocks along to your friendly florist and see what she or he can do with them. You will be amazed and your Dad will feel so special.

There are so many flowers, we florists call "Macho Flowers" Imagine your socks and jocks sitting amongst wonderful big red and orange gerberas, tropicals, like heliconias, gingers, bird of paradise, iris, proteas, banksias in a timber box he can use later to carry his essentials out to the patio to cook on the barbecue.

Timber boxes are wonderful for males in general, but Dads in particular. They come with rope handles, painted, stained, can be made up with flowers and fishing gear, flowers and gear for the barbecue, like an apron, tongs, fork, pot holders, accessories for the bar.

Then, you could buy Dad a toolbox or carry-all, take it along to your friendly florist and with some magnificent macho flowers, a good bottle of red or white wine, or some boutique beer, his favorite brew. His favorite brew could be coffee or tea, new mug or cup, pot or plunger. The list is only limited by your imagination

Let the florist use his or her creativity and your Dad will be amazed at how "creative you have been". The gift is just what he wanted and the flowers are the finishing touch, and he will be delighted.

If you live far away it is the perfect answer to sending your love to your Dad on Father's Day. Your florist will write your card, wrap with flowers and deliver your gift to your Dad.

If you contact your florist early, then asking them to purchase the 'socks and jocks' should not be a problem. Many florists have this service. They will organize your gift and make up an absolutely fabulous arrangement in a container to suit your Dad. They will even be able to give you some ideas if you are a bit stuck on what to give Dad.

Gifts for Dad can be a little, well, boring, so let your florist change all that and make your gift so special.

You can do this any time of the year, you don't have to wait for Father's Day. A "just because" is the best occasion of all.

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