Successful Holiday Gift Giving Starts with a Plan

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the clock is ticking down as we grow closer to the holiday festivities. By now, many have either started thinking about what they are going to purchase for those on their gift list ? others are in full holiday shopping mode. The holiday season proves to be a stressful time for some, adding to their already tension-filled lives. Buying gifts is only half of the dilemma ? deciding what to buy makes up the other half.

Gift buying can actually be fun and stress-free. I recommend a fool-proof method of ensuring you get the right thing for each recipient the first time around. The key to successful holiday gift giving starts with a plan. Begin by making a list of names you will be purchasing holiday gifts for. Leave two or three blank spaces between each name where you will jot down information about each recipient. Once your list of names is complete, your holiday gift giving plan will start to take shape one recipient at a time.

Starting with the first person on your list, write down what types of things they like, hobbies they enjoy, collections they may have, and anything you can remember about them that will help you make your holiday gift selections. For example, Susie is the first person on my list. The things I know about her are that she is a scrapbook enthusiast and she enjoys gourmet teas. I jot those items on my list and move on to Tim. Tim is Susie's husband and a guy that is so hard to buy for. I am never sure what to get him. I do know that he likes to golf, and Susie recently mentioned that he has taken up cooking. That is an interesting combination, but I will think of something. My list also includes a corporate client that I like to send something to every holiday season as a token of my appreciation for the business they send to me throughout the year. There are many other recipients on my list, but I want to focus on these three individuals.

My holiday gift giving plan is beginning to take shape. Since I am the type of person who cannot settle for just one item, I have discovered a very simple and smart approach to meeting my holiday gift giving needs ? gift baskets! Based on each recipient, every gift basket has its own theme. Let's start with Susie the scrapbook enthusiast. A gift basket filled with archival safe photo mounting paper and pens, interesting fibers, decorative brads, a corner punch, and a few other small related items make a great start to a winning gift. Topped off with a mug for the avid scrapbook-a-holic and a few gourmet tea bags, this gift is going to rock!

Tim's gift will even come together nicely when implementing a little creativity. I decided on a huge mixing bowl filled with small kitchen tools, a cookbook, and some unique spices will be sure to please the aspiring cook. For a more personal touch, I added a personalized apron and gourmet chef's hat! The bowl of goodies is sitting on a wooden cutting board and the entire present is tied up in a square table cloth.

The corporate gift is a cinch. Select either a basket filled with gourmet treats or a stack of gift boxes filled with diverse snacks. Either is sure to make a big hit.

Holiday gift giving and planning do not have to be a chore. Solicit the help of others. If you come up short on items for your list, call a family member or friend to assist you. They may know or remember more about a specific individual than you. Once your list is complete, the fun part actually begins. Gift baskets take the stress out of the entire process of holiday gift giving. To make it successful for both the giver and recipient, be sure that you take into consideration items that relate to the individual. When you take time to personalize the gift basket, you ensure a successful holiday gift giving experience.

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