Thanksgiving Memories

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Turkey ... Stuffing ... Cranberry Sauce ... Pumpkin Pie

This is usually what comes to mind when we think of Thanksgiving. Granted the food is yummy and worth waiting for however, let's not forget another import aspect of this holiday "Being With Family & Friends".

Family & Friends, they are what make this wonderful holiday so special, and help create those special memories.

Memories .... Everyone has them and each is precious. I love being with my husband and two beautiful daughters, but I think my favorite remembrances are from long ago.

"Nana's House"

This of course was my beloved grandmother, who has been gone from us for many years, but will always be remembered with so much love.

Thanksgiving at her home was the best.

Our family is not very big but with the sisters, husbands and cousins it seemed like an army. My sister and I looked forward to spending the day with our cousins; we always had so much fun.

Of course the very best part of the day was when nana declared "Time To Eat". The first order of business was getting seated at the "kids" table. Nothing special, just a couple of card tables put together with a paper tablecloth -we were a bit messy - put over them.

Then came the food, makes my mouth water now just thinking about it. Please forgive me if I tend to sound just a bit prejudice - everyone's grandmother is a great cook after all - but in my mind no one could cook like my "Nana".

The amount of food was horrendous, as I said there where not that many of us but you'd think the entire town was there by the number of dishes on the table.

Everyone had their favorites, mine was the turkey & stuffing - I always had a drumstick, and my little sis was a wing girl - although everything else was good, except maybe the veggies.

After the main course came dessert - yummy - which consisted of the usual pumpkin pie, apple pie and rhubarb - that was for my mom - plus one of nana's specialties "Apple Dumplings". These were hot from the oven with a lemon sauce poured over the top. No one has been able to duplicate the recipe, although one of my cousins - you know who you are - has given it a valiant try.

Now you may think this was the end of our eating for the day, wrong. After dinner was complete, while the grownups were cleaning up and then taking a rest - just their bodies, the talking was non-stop - we kids - weather permitting - were outside playing. A few hours later - not kidding - it was time for the famous turkey sandwiches and any other left over you might have a hankering for.

Of course as they say "All Good Things Must Come To An End", which meant it was time to leave.

After what seemed like an eternity of good-byes we piled into our cars and headed for home. Little sis & I always fell asleep on the way, thinking about our wonderful day, and dreaming about next year.

Today our family is scattered across the country and sadly we are missing some - although not in our hearts - but when possible we still get together.

But on those November 27th's when we're not able to we still keep our "Nana's" spirit alive with lots of great food, a tremendous amount of talking, and good fun.

So to all of you, no matter what your traditions maybe, enjoy the day, the food, but most of all your loved ones.

"Happy Thanksgiving"

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