Top Ten Things To Do The Day After Valentines Day

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Why should February 14th get all of the attention?

1. Water the flowers you receieved. You know that they will probabbly be dead

tomorrow, but you just have to take care of them.

2. Find somewhere in your room for the bear he bought you even though you already have ninety nine bears and you really do not have any more room for bears.

3. Buy the candy and flowers that Kroger is selling for half off. While you are at it, buy some cards so you will be ready for next year.

4. Buy what you really wanted him to buy you.

5. Cuss your significant other out because he forgot Valentine's Day (just kidding)

6. Go to the bank (for some people it's payday.)

7. Delete all of the Valentine's Day related spam you received.

8. Sell that gift that you did not really want in an online auction.

9. Look for something to sell related to Valentine's Day so you can make some

money next year.

10. Count all of the Valentine's Day cards you received and replace the Christmas cards that were on the mantle with them. (I know some of you still have Christmas cards on your mantle.)

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