Top Ten Tips To A Terrific Valentine?s Day - For Men in Relationships

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Okay guys, so this is a great opportunity to get back in the good books, or if you are already there, to get some extra points. Women love to be courted, wooed, treated like princesses. And most of them like this to occur on Valentine's Day (as well as other days, but that's a Tip List for another time!). Beware, unless you have been told to ignore Valentine's Day (and only if you have in the past and it has worked), do NOT, under any circumstances, neglect to celebrate this occasion of love and romance. Her friends will all be asking her the next day what you did, and if she has to tell them "nothing", it cannot be good for you! Read these tips for some help:

1. Don't forget about Valentine's Day! There are lots of reminders everywhere. Notice the hearts and advertisements.

2. Leave her a note or card before you leave for work and tell her that you will be thinking about her.

3. Don't wait until the last minute to make your arrangements - she will know and will feel like your relationship is not important enough. How can she tell? Flowers from 7-Eleven are not the same as flowers from a florist, and coming home an hour later than usual from work will not warm any hearts. If you are having dinner at the local chain restaurant, she will know that you didn't make reservations early enough.

4. If you are planning to take her out and if you have children, offer to arrange for child care for the evening. Arrive home early from work.

5. Do tell her what you loved about her when you first started dating, and tell her what you love about her today.

6. Do compliment her (sincerely) on something you find attractive about her (personality, appearance, or both).

7. If you are planning on celebrating at home and you have children, offer to bring dinner home for them and put them to bed while she has a bubble bath with candles (which you will prepare for her). Rose petals in or around the tub is a nice touch!

8. If you are thinking of bringing home flowers, think about sending them to her instead (whether she is at home or at the office)- it costs a few extra dollars to get them delivered, but women love to receive gifts by delivery.

9. If you are interested in getting some extra love (read: action), plan to put extra effort into preparing yourself for it. For example, have a shower and maybe an extra shave, brush your teeth - act as though it is a first date.

10. Finally, take the time to prepare her for the action. Listen to her about her day while maintaining eye contact, spend time kissing her and letting her know how you feel about her. Take your time, both before and during. Add some candlelight and romantic music (pick her favourite).

Try to incorporate as many of these tips as you can into this special day, and keep them handy for other times of the year as well. Your woman loves you and it is important to let her know, in ways that mean something to her, that she is special to you!

Dr. Gayla Swihart DeHart, from Vancouver, Canada, is a Professional Coach with a Ph.D. in Psychology. She helps busy professionals manage stress, improve goal-setting and follow-through, and increase life and work satisfaction. More information on Dr. DeHart and her services can be found at

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