Vastu Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

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Fun, though they are intended to be, The Holidays can be a time of stress for many. Vastu can help you experience a peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious holiday season.

How the science of Vastu affects the quality of your life can be compared to how an antenna affects the quality of your television reception. Vastu is like the antenna for the quality of your life. If you have poor reception due to ineffectual antennae, your picture will be distorted or come in unclear. Having good reception is like having good Vastu.

Your connection to the supportive, life-enhancing energy will be strong and benefit you if the five elements in your home are balanced.

When you balance your home with the forces of nature (the five elements being earth, water, fire, air, and space) through Vastu, you receive the best possible quality of life for The Holidays and beyond.

The holidays are about 3 things:

  • The coming together of friends and family
  • Resolutions for the New Year
  • And giving to others
    • Make your family gatherings joyous, harmonious, stress-free celebrations through Vastu by balancing the 5 elements in your home.

      For Example:

      • Earth element decorations such as, holly, wreaths, wood figurines, or ceramics (such as the Dove of Peace) work best in the southwest area of your gathering area to support family harmony.
      • A bowl of water with flowers floating in it (or a punch bowl) placed in the northeast area of the room you use for entertainment will encourage a prosperous New Year.
      • Place candles, lights, and red decorations in the southeast area, which is associated with the fire element, to stimulate a sense of well-being. Scented candles of pine, vanilla, cinnamon, and cranberry are festive scents for harmonious holiday gatherings
      • Hang bells and chimes in the northwest area, related to the air element, to enhance joyous relationships.
      • Keep the center space element area open and uncluttered to support stress-free communication and encourage the success of your holiday gatherings.
        • Resolutions for a prosperous New Year should start with clearing the clutter in your home!

          Just as you clean your residence to welcome guests, you need to clear out all things from the past that are unessential or unnecessary to your future happiness and success. Your New Year should begin with enhancing the opportunities for prosperity to enter your life.

          Clutter creates stress, drags your energy down, and limits your ability to be productive and make lucrative financial decisions. We suggest beginning this Holiday Season by clearing the clutter and see how new opportunities appear in your life in 2005.

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