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Vintage Labels on Marble Tiles

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It's refreshing to note that gone are the days that countertops and backsplashes have to match. There are no decorating rules. The focal point in your kitchen, wine cellar, bathroom, etc. evolves with adding the personal touches that are close to your heart.

Nothing sets the stage for Vintage comfort like a vintage marble tile mural or marble tile wall display in images and labels borrowed from the past . A new and personalized way to showcase a collection of memorabilia, ephemera, or images.

A marble backsplash mural or wall display makes the perfect complement for antiques, beautiful china, flea market finds , vintage furnishings, garage sales, ephemera, trade show collections, or bottles of your favorite wine or brew.

The images are baked into the marble so the quality of the marble with its shadings, nicks , crannies and rounded edges become part of the old world , vintage, and European effect .

Perfume Label Art on Tumbled Marble Tiles , an unusual wall decor for the bath, dressing room, powder room, spa, country club ~ These labels are dated from 1894 - 1905--- Alternate plain botticino tumbled marble tiles , or add a few tiles onto each wall. An important trend in decorating is chic and shabby and perfume labels on tiles would be an important accessory to this theme.

Alternate wine label images on tumbled marble tiles to create a wine collectors dream environment.

Looking for something different? Vintage Veggie, fruit or flower seed packets transferred onto marble for a kitchen backsplash, pantry or garden room.

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