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Home Security System, You Are A winner

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Have you ever been to a local trade show or fair and filled out a raffle and later you find out you have won a Home Security System? Well, you are not alone. Sometimes everyone one wins. That's right you are not as lucky as you think you are. Well you are lucky in one regard; home security systems do work, not only do the little flags out front of the stickers near the front door help prevent crime, but an alarm sends the culprits running big time.

The blaring alarm sends the thieves running down the street in a 100-yard dash and protects you and your family from harm, property damage and theft. Alarms are good things; so why is being a winner not all it is cracked up to be? Well a couple reasons; one it is a little misleading. Although you probably would not have filled out the form if you had not actually wanted to win something. Many times the alarms are free with a sign up. Similar to the free-cell phone deals. You get a free cell phone if you sign up right? Well yes but you have to agree to sign up for two-years at an agreed rate plan.

Alarm systems are similar, some are quite good and if you win the alarm system which is in the neighborhood of $50 to $135.00 then they will install it, which is fairly simple and you sign up for $15.99 to $39.99 per month for two-year contract. The company selling the systems or in this case giving them to you, takes the sign up contract and sells it to a larger company which provides the service of patrol or dispatching. The installer company discounts the total price of the contract over the two-years which is $39.99 times 24 months = $959.76 by 20-30% or $191.95 to $287.93; meaning the installer company nets; $767.81 to $671.83 minus of course the $50 to $135.00 for the equipment and their time to come out and install it; let's say $60.00 visit plus wires and miscellaneous. It is safe to say no matter what the installer company or the company that gave you a "Free Alarm System" that you won; made in excess of $500.00 so indeed; they won too.

Apparently everyone wins; your family is protected, the installer got paid and the alarm dispatch company also has a new account. All good right! Well, not necessarily. Now sometimes the installer and the dispatch company are one and the same, to they make out like bandits. Sometimes you are charged additionally for each false alarm on your contact? Sometimes the installer uses the cheapest possible alarm systems so they make more money. Meaning if a burglar sees such junk they merely go in a back window instead and rip you off and you lose? Sometimes the installers are casing the joint as they install and they are the thieves too?

Advice? Sure; be careful what you wish for, ask lots of questions and only sign up with a reputable company. Think on it, nothing is free.

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