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Kevlar Sheets for Your Home Walls

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Home security is more important today than ever. You may have even considered Kevlar Sheets for your home or car. They are available and there are some companies who specialize in these things. The military uses them in Humvees and other vehicles. In the Vietnam War the spotter planes and helicopter pilots would put bullet-proof vests on the floor boards since the AK-47 rounds would come up thru the aluminum and kill pilots. Without getting too dramatic you might wish to employ the same strategy in your home.

Carbon Kevlar sheeting can be placed in walls in certain safe rooms to protect you and your family. You can put them in the ceiling so when Cinco de Mayo comes around and everyone is firing guns into the air no stray bullets will come thru your roof and kill you while you sleep; like you can sleep anyway with a bunch of drunken, mariachi playing, pinata cracking, loud yelling folks are having an all-night party anyway? Don't laugh you know what I am saying here. If you have a two-story you might wish to put them in the floor boards in kids rooms; perhaps in the walls of the master bedroom. You can purchase these sheets on the Internet; here is one company we found:

Another major important thing to have is a good alarm system, one which you can rely on to give you those precious moments you need to get the family into a safe protected room and for you to lock and load and go hunt yourself down some soon to be dead burglars. Think about home safety, alarms, Kevlar and a good weapon to take out the evil do'ers who have invaded your family's domain.

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