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Protect Your Family From Solar Flares

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Protect your family from solar flares. Solar flares emit dangerous gamma radiation, which affects everything from gravity waves to the Earth's tectonic system. These solar flares are dangerous to human life. The Gamma Radiation is dangerous to the human bio system. Many severe solar flares can cause cancer and It heats up the atmosphere and can drastically change weather patterns too. We have had some serious solar flares in the last few years, which have affected our lives. Some say that Earthquakes are in part due to the disruption of the natural electromagnetic distribution of the Earth along with causing disruptions in gravity waves.

One group of scientists and future prediction study group is calling for a huge solar flare which could kill 2 billion humans if it occurs on the side of the sun where they Earth is passing thru. That is pretty drastic indeed. It could cause massive seismic activity, cook you alive or kill all the crops and many might starve. These scientists and remote viewer people are not anyone you wish to quote in the mass media. We know as the sun gets older and perhaps within ten billion years the sun will expand and cook the Earth before it burns out. This would be a very bad day for Earthlings indeed.

How can you protect your family from solar flares of such extreme magnitude? There are many ways actually. NASA has done many studies to protect astronauts in the International Space Station and Space Shuttle. Our Satellites have lots of protection. Luckily we have a strong atmosphere protecting life on Earth, but there are ways as shown by NASA to do even better. One could use a dense material on the roof. Titanium or lead; one might also use water tanks which block out such solar radiation. For instance put swimming pool on your roof or build a water collection device for rain and leave it on the roof under a cover so it does not evaporate. You could use it to grow plants and it might help the nearby smog and air pollution issues.

You could buy a nano carbon material sheet, which is very dense and it will block out most all of the gamma radiation. Bend it over your bed and simply sleep in during the sunlight period that day. You will be protecting your self and your family from cancer causing radiation. No sense in getting skin cancer due to a one or two day solar flare problem? You might wish to be thinking of ways to protect you and your family from solar flares while you are at home. Think on this.

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