Cosmic Cow

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The cow is a mother to mankind whom we should love,respect and protect. Her milk is the life blood for many species, including humans. Her dung provides fuel and bricks for millions of rural families across Asia . Her urine is medicine for the sick. When she dies her skin provides us warmth and protection through clothing.

In Astrology, the cow or bull is the symbol of the sign Taurus, a sign representing earth, nature and all its bounties. In Vedic Astrology, the cow's many wonderful qualities are emphasized through the various nakshatras. She is one of the universal mothers represented by the constellation Krittika. Her unlimited resourcefulness is associated with the constellation Rohini, whose symbol, 'an oxen cart pulling a fresh harvest' highlights the fertility aspect of both the earth and the cow. 'Bhooma Devi' or 'Mother Earth' is symbolised as a cow in the Vedic tradition, as just like the earth, the cow is an endless giver of resources and nourishment.

The cow's nourishing aspect is associated with the constellation Pushya, which has a cow's 'milk giving udder' as its main symbol and is a constellation related to motherhood and dependability. The cow's patient and gentle nature is associated with the constellation Uttara bhadrapada,which has cow as its sexual animal.

In the Vedic pantheon of gods, the bull or cow is the vehicle of Lord Siva, and a symbol of strength and endurance. Vishnu's avatar form of Krishna, took the incarnation of a cowherd who enchanted cows and other living beings with his flute playing. His association with cows highlighted the importance of protecting and respecting the earth and its creatures. In the Vedas, one can find the story of the divine cow Kamadhenu, "the wish fulfilling cow" who is the dear treasure of the seven celestial sages. She emerged from the churning of the celestial ocean, along with many other treasures including the divine nectar of immortality, amrita ". As she is greatly desired for her endless gifts and bounty she remains under the care and protection of the sages. In all ancient cultures cows have played an important role in helping man understand his duty and relationship to the natural environment.

It is a great tragedy that in today's world, cows and other highly sentient beings, are the undeserving victim of barbarous tortures and all manner of atrocities in the name of satisfying man's palate and greedy nature. It is a reflection of the current world cycle Kali Yuga (an age where ignorance and darkness reign), that the most gentlest and innocent of creatures are put through the worst treatment imagineable in the most mindless manner. This sort of ignorance breeds more ignorance and creates much negative karma for the individual and collective.

The darker forces controlling the planet have deliberately conditioned humans into believing that meat is an essential part of dietary survival, and by over breeding cows in large numbers, have succeeded in destroying much of the earth's fertile land in order to feed these genetically & hormonally tampered creatures; land which could otherwise be used to grow crops that increase the world's food supply a thousand fold.

There is no good reason why humans should eat meat. The physical constitution of humans is much more similar to herbivore mammals than carnivores. Eating meat produces a whole range of detrimental effects. At the most basic level it harms our physical health, but much more complex and subtle damage happens on the mental, emotional and spiritual planes. There is enough information and proof on the subject, if one takes the time to look.

With today's high tech global transatlantic communications, vegetarian food sources of every type are available to anyone just about anywhere on the planet. There is enough agricultural knowledge and technology to grow crops in areas that suffer from extreme climates or other hazardous conditions.

Humans have ability to access a basic level of compassion inside themselves, which they clearly express in regard to their household pets, but not to cows, pigs, sheep, chicken etc. who are equally sensitive and feel the same levels of pain and fear as the domestic dog or cat.

No great feats of heroism or sacrifice are required to contribute to the enlightenment of the planet. Just by making simple changes in our every day living routine like discriminating what / what not to eat, can have significant and far reaching impact on the future destiny and wellbeing of all.

Oja Spirit is based in Britain and aims to enhance greater public awareness of Jyotish. It is owned & managed by Veno. Veno also runs OSFA LTD (Orion School & Foundation for Astrology with Prash Trivedi, the world's leading expert on Jyotish and Vedic science.

Veno's education in Jyotish began in 1992. She has learnt Jyotish from many sources but her most valued education has been her last five years of intensive study under Prash Trivedi. She has been a practising Jyotishi (astrologer) since 1994.

She co-published her first book "Sun, The Cosmic Powerhousein 2003 with Sagar Publications, India and has illustrated a pioneering work about nakshatras by Prash titled "The 27 Celestial Portals" due for release early 2005.

Veno has appeared on BBC radio and London Television with Prash to highlight the importance of introducing Jyotish to the west.

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