Feng Shui and the Year of the Rooster - an Overview

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Feng shui involves more than just colors and where you place your furniture. The astrology side of feng shui is also intriguing. Here are a little background and some predictions for 2005, the Year of the Rooster.

The Chinese calendar started in 2697 BCE when the Yellow King became ruler. Since then, the Chinese calendar has evolved into 60 year cycles with varying strengths, elements, and animal themes that relate to feng shui. Starting on the 9th of February 2005, we are in the Chinese year of the Wood Rooster.

The Rooster's strength is in how alert he is to change; his weaknesses include his conceit, how much he worries, and how frequently he is vocal when it's not necessary. For all signs of the Chinese zodiac, this is a good year to let your actions speak for you. When there is a choice, it's better to remain silent but do very good works that will shine. This is a year to build strong foundations.

The Rooster is symbolized by small metal objects, especially pointed ones including knives and daggers. Assassination attempts involving metal weapons are possible, since a Rooster year is often unsettled, especially in politics.

As a good example, look back 60 years to the last time we had this astrological combination: It was 1945, and the conclusion of World War II. There were still dramatic moments in the war, especially in Japan. However, there were also harsh discoveries when the Allies entered Germany and the world learned the truth of the Nazi concentration camps.

In 2005, expect hidden facts to come to light. Some of them may be shocking. However, this is also a year when metal (the Rooster) is dominated and softened by wood. This is not always a graceful process. The Rooster is also the source of yin fire. There may be some literal metal- or fire-wood conflicts, in which wood is destroyed by fire or by land clearing machinery. However, wood is still in the power position. In 2005, this is a very yin wood, meaning that it tends to be more passive. This does not mean that it is powerless; think in terms of Gandhi.

In health terms, wood symbolizes the neck and back. Especially in 2005, how you sit and sleep will be important; protect your neck and back. The metal of 2005 suggests risks from things falling, as well as reactions to pressure. The liver is also affected this year, but you're more likely to hear about neck and back injuries. Literally and figuratively, watch your back.

Likewise, the Rooster struts around the barnyard displaying his feathers; conceit will lead to the downfall of some celebrities, and perhaps politicians. Surprising sex scandals may come to light, although--if you're a good judge of character--these may not be a huge surprise.

The Rooster's overactive crowing may manifest in a surge of shallow news stories, and continued success with reality shows magnifying everyday events. Don't understimate how well the media can spin "who cares" moments into circuses that far outlast their barely deserved 15 minutes.

The wood-metal conflicts make extreme home makeover shows a natural, with or without feng shui. And, the Rooster's loud opinions while not actually raising the chicks himself... well, it's no surprise that "nanny" shows are in vogue this year.

In business, financial indiscretions (metal/money) and sex scandals are also likely. However, the over all trend will be continued financial improvement, and the summer should be especially good for businesses.

The best investments will be in fire-themed businesses; these include anything related to energy or electricity. You'll also do well with anything supporting glamour, including entertainment and restaurants. While fire poses a significant risk in 2005, popularity is almost guaranteed for any entertainment that features something like Polynesian fire shows.

Wood-related industries won't be as stable, including businesses related to fashion, paper magazines, and landscaping. However, don't confuse stability with growth; over all--with a few high-profile exceptions--these industries should continue to do well through 2005.

A sleeper might be alternative energy; be watchful for innovations in that field. There will be some activity this year, largely unheralded by the media, that is creating a foundation for a resurgence of late 1960s and early 70s ideals. Events and quiet business ventures that transpire this year will lead eventually to greater environmental awareness, and more practical ways to live gently with the land.

In you're an investor, unless you have nerves of steel, sell stocks when they peak in June or July. Expect volatile stock market action in September. This may lead to unexpected fortunes for a few, but--when the dust settles--will result in only moderate setbacks (at worst) for most stocks. In general, if you can stay calm when the media is making a big deal out of nothing, and don't lose sleep over rollercoaster stock prices, your investments should be fine through 2005.

All in all, 2005 (through January 2006) will be a year when you'll do best to guard your health, keep stress to a minimum, and focus your efforts on good works that will speak for you.

This is not a year to launch louder, more eye-catching PR programs. In fact, 2005 is a time to reassess your long-term goals, and begin working hard on creating the necessary foundation to achieve your dreams. It won't be glamorous and 2005 may not provide great financial rewards.

However, if you focus on what's really important to you and close to home, you'll be doing work that will pay you well--more than just financially--for many years to come.

Aisling D'Art is an artist, a writer, and a Feng Shui consultant. She is also BellaOnline's Feng Shui editor:

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