Learn How to Solve Problems With a Feng Shui Mirror

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A mirror, when becoming a feng shui mirror, can be used to many more things than allowing us to see how we look. Feng shui teaches how a feng shui mirror can be used in order to solve many different problems, and we will describe some of these uses through the next few lines.

One first way to use a feng shui mirror is to send something negative away. By placing the mirror facing whatever is negative to your space, the mirror would reflect it back not allowing it to affect you negatively. Therefore, if you have an object or a shape which disharmonizes, then you can neutralize its effect by placing the feng shui mirror facing it.

A feng shui mirror can also be used when you have a low ceiling and it has a pushing down effect on you. In this case, you should place a mirror facing the ceiling in order to make it reflect it. The mirror should be placed at some spot above your head level so it reflects the ceiling back before its pushing effect reaches you.

Another use a feng shui mirror can have is when your bedroom or any other room in which you need to be relaxed is placed above somewhere with machines or a garage. In these cases, placing a mirror on the floor and facing down wouldn't let the machines energy and the disturbances have a bad effect on you.

Sometimes there is an object or element which you may need at a specific spot but you can not actually place it there, when this happens, a feng shui mirror can be the solution. If you need the presence of things such as an object or a color and you can not place it where you need, you can put a feng shui mirror reflecting it in order to have it represented through that reflection where you need.

By using a feng shui mirror, you can also bring elements which are outside your house and belong to the nature. In order to achieve this, all you have to do is place the mirror inside your house facing that element through a window and that reflection would be as if that natural element was into the house.

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