If, An Online Marketers Internet Addiction Poem, Can You Relate to This?

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IF, An Online Internet Marketing Poem

If before you have turned on the coffee, or got your kids fed, If you are the last one dressed and ready to leave the house, While others in the family get ready, your still moving a mouse.

If you have more friends online, than you do in real life, And hubby refers to you as his cyber wife.

If you cook dinner between web pages and downloads, And your brain is dreaming about java script codes.

If your daughter tells her teacher moms a computeraholic, And you always push, "view source" to see how web pages tic,

If you are still sitting with blood shot eyes in that chair, While the rest of the family is off having fun somewhere,

If the dishes are piled high on the counter and sink, You know you should be doing them, you just got to hit one more link.

If all of the above in life seem too true, Maybe you should rule your computer, instead of letting it rule you!

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This poem was first published on my practice site at Yahoo. I recently updated that website page and discovered it had been viewed over 2 million times in the past 3 years. Amazing, and they say poetry doesn't sell. Subscribe to my ezine below to watch an experiment I am doing with a blog on this subject, as well as learning other methods to earn money working from home.

I was no expert when I started, self taught myself all I know. If I can learn how to do this anyone can. Follow along on my journey with me.

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By Laurie Meade Copyright 2002-2005 All Rights Reserved.


Dedicated to my 4 children, who I learned are growing to quickly for me to allow the computer to rule me.

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