Starbucks Going into Hilton

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Well, I hope you did not read that headline wrong, Crew Member Starbucks is not doing Paris Hilton. What I am saying here is Starbucks will now be offered in some Hilton Hotels. Just think you can watch Paris the skinny blonde babe on your infomercial in room TV ad for a Starbucks, run down to the lobby to and buy a fattening Frappachino.

Imagine the benefits of having Starbucks in your room? Sounds good and while you are on vacation who cares if you get fat and look like crap in our bathing suit by the pool. Chances are Paris Hilton will not be there anyway, she will be in Paris getting married to a different Paris? If all this is just getting too darn confusing for you, do not worry about it. But realize your Starbucks Card will not work in Hilton Hotels but they do take American Express?

Starbucks will be continually adding world wide partners to promote their brand and are big on entering the Chinese Market by way of franchising or license branding with Chinese Partners. Just think all those skinny Chinese people who now smoke two packs of day of US Cigarettes will be able to get nice and plumb on over priced frappachinos. Isn't that wonderful. The only problem I see is will 1.2 Billion Chinese people run out of space in their country? And will they be able to squeeze them all into the Jet Liners when they come to America to sell their wares. Or will the A-380 be ready for much bigger seats for all these newly rich, cancer ridden, over weight, Charlie Chocolate Factory rolly polly Chinese?

Think on Globalization, ya gotta love it.

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