How To Do What You Dont Want To

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Before I reveal it, shall we review some things that will help you understand it? Let's start with the premise that you are made up of seven centers (all within you). Each one of these centers--"majestic workhorses"--has influence over your life.

Let me list these centers and quickly note their use: The first one is the Instinctive, and it's basically the organic body--your body and body functions. Next is the Sexual--your procreative force. The next is the Moving Center. The Moving Center is all of your behavior. Whatever you happen to do, the Moving Center does; and whatever you don't do, this center has a hand in so refusing to do. The location of this center is the spinal column. That's your behavior site. The Emotional is the next center. All that you feel, you feel from this center. The next is the Thinking. All your thoughts are in this center. The final two centers are beyond you as far as plain living. But they've a part as far as transforming you into something more. But for what you are about now, let's just focus on the first five centers mentioned. The thing you want to begin to see is how they affect you as you live today.

How do you live day after day, when it comes to doing what you know you should do? Of course, you work and love and hope, but what really happens when you say to yourself, "I want to stop smoking for good", or "I want to begin getting places on time", or "I want to keep my desk neat", or"...get up earlier to achieve some new goal"? What does happen? Most of the time your behavior does not comply with your wish! Now I'll tell you why this hapens:

When your Thinking Center "affirms" what you would like--say, to keep your desk much neater--your own Moving Center automatically "denies" the wish, and there you stay. In other words, as long as you"affirm" with your Thinking Center, you cannot "do" anything you want. (Yes, there are exceptions, but you know what I'm getting at.)

So what is this secret that can get you going and doing things with confidence? Allow me to share with you two bits of wisdom that will help you get this secret:



The secret works in this manner: Each time you need to do something tha you ought to, you affirm just the opposite with your Thinking Center--allowing your Moving Center to then deny that wish and therewith accept just what you secretly wished. Let me give you an example: You need to stop smoking, but every time you say, "I hate smoking!" nothing happens--since your Moving Center says--without your prompting--"You aren't going to stop smoking!" What you will now say is, "I really love smoking ! I love the fact I'll die early!"--And what happens is this: your Moving Center will allow you to begin to stop. You'll need to learn some things, but you'll be allowed to. In other words, affirm with love the very opposite of what you really want, and you will find yourself able to begin to achieve that very thing you want. Once that happens you will begin feeling gratitude for this great phenomenon. At first, try it on litle things: some chore you need to do--affirm the opposite--always with love--and watch your old Moving Center kick in and allow you to act. Then you'll feel like you're "other-wise". Of course, all privately, and without folks knowing, and your life will flow cogently.

Do you understand this? Does it go against you? Perhaps it does. (It's not your fault!) You've been drilled with the thought: always be positive, and life will flow accordingly. The only problem is you're not constructed so.

What I propose is a backdoor entrance to fulfillment by now allowing you to do the things you know you should.

All things good!

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The author of HOW TO STOP SMOKING IN 50 DAYS, Humbler Acts, is married with two grown sons, runs a steel business, works out, studies Hebrew and is a true vegan.

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