Opportunity: Could You Be Colour-blind?

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Do you consider your vision perfect? You may never have needed an eye specialist in your life, but this is no indication of perfect vision. And if you just happen to also think that opportunity has not been fair to you, you could be suffering from what I refer to as "Opportunity Colour-blindness!"

Colour-blindness, as we know it, is the inability to see the difference between some colours, especially red and green. Opportunity Colour-blindness (O.C.B.) however, is the inability to see the difference between opportunity and problems, especially when they're happening in our own lives.

Self-limiting beliefs give rise to O.C.B. We think negative thoughts about ourselves and our abilities, and soon our whole vision is tainted negatively. The resulting low self-esteem prevents us from seeing opportunity when it comes; we either don't see it at all, or complain about the noise when it knocks!

What is it you desire to do with your life? What goals and dreams have eluded you so far? Have you waited in vain for opportunity, and given up? I have interesting news for you: Opportunity comes to every man and woman. We just aren't prepared when it does, and often fail to recognise it. The very wise King Solomon once said that, "Time and chance happen to (every man)." (Ecclesiastes 9:11) and "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Your Creator gives you dreams and desires, and He ensures that you get the time and the chance to pursue and realise them. Your dream has a season, whose time you may not know. The wise thing to do therefore would be to prepare as thoroughly as you could, and be ready and waiting for opportunity when it knocks. Because it surely will. Abraham Lincoln once said, "I will study and wait. Perhaps my time will come." You would be wise to do the same.

Preparedness attracts opportunity. Similarly, unpreparedness repels it. Rather than grumble and grow bitter over your "lack of opportunity" you need to realise that your problems could be caused by your own Opportunity Colour-blindness, and your failure to prepare for your goals. Remember, you attract what you think about most of the time; you get what you expect; you reap what you sow; what you see is determined by what you believe. In summary, every man paves his own way; it's all up to you. You will get ample opportunity to realise your dreams. Sometimes opportunity visits over and over. Sometimes it visits just once. But whatever the case, you will get all the "time and chance" that you need.

Are you looking for a job? Do you seek wealth? Would success make you happy? To attain whatever you desire in this life you must realize that your success depends on you, and no one else. When you embrace this empowering belief, opportunity begins to seek you out. But be aware that opportunity often bears a striking resemblance to problems! Be wise and be ready.

Put off the colour-blindness today by receiving a change of heart. Our country is full of opportunity. Unfortunately, many suffer from Opportunity Colour-blindness and do not realise this. Thankfully, you now have the chance to exit this group. You can see opportunity where others see adversity. You have the recipe to turn straw into gold!

Copyright 2005 Oma Edoja

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