Techno Witch II - Magick With Your PC

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You've heard of applied science, well how about applied Magick. The personal computer is just a tool after all, so in theory you should be able to apply the ancient traditions to the modern ways. Here are a few ways that I think you can use your PC to practice metaphysics.

The Gods, Goddesses and energies that oversee the running of you computer include Mercury (Hermes) the God of Communication, Ariadne (the Weaver), the Archangel Gabriel (the Angel of Illumination, Vachu (the Hindu Goddess of Mystic Speech) or Chango, the God of Thunderbolts. If you are having computer problems light a red and blue candle to honour Mercury (for server and email problems), a purple candle to honour Ariadne (for site problems), Temple or Lotus incense to access Vachu (who can help with forwarding files), a yellow candle to access the wisdom of the Archangel Gabriel (to figure out how to get a program running) or a red candle to honour Chango (for problems with electricity).

When sending a resume or an important file ?you can practice a bit of magic by creating a symbol for yourself to hide somewhere in the file or in the email. This symbol can represent success to you or prosperity. For instance $ would be an obvious one. Try creating, with a series of letters, numbers or symbols that are significant to you --a sigil that is attached to your emails. It is easy to create a sigil. Take a phrase such as "Money Come To Me" and shorten it to "MCTM" or "mctm" and put it in your tag before you send an important document. There are many sites on the web that teach you how to make a more obscure sigil using numbers and letters- just type the word sigil into your search engine. Once you create the sigil, blow it up into 24 point on your computer and "charge it' by focusing your intent onto the symbol. Keep the master sigil in a file and attach a 9-point version to the bottom of files or emails.

Has someone sent you a nasty email? Don't respond with words. Try this version of a reversal spell. Send the email back to them nine times. If nine times seems too much, send it back three times. This follows the rule of sending back bad energy to its sender three times three times three. After reading their own words, nine times, this may cause the sender to rethink their malevolence. Also effective, is sending the sender back a BLANK email. Press reply, erase all text and charge the blank screen with what you want to say. Send it. The person who sent you the bad email in the first place will probably react with confusion and some fear. NOBODY likes to open a blank email. The blank email has a way of clearing the problem.

You can use the naming and retrieving of files, to bring more luck, prosperity and love in your life. To do this you need to create a folder and fill it with files that contain one word such as LOVE, MONEY, and LUCK. Inside each of these files put a list of words that relate to your goal ? for instance in the file marked money write things such as Quick Cash, Relief From Debt, Prosperity, New Car or what ever you desire. Put these files on your desktop, so each time you start up your computer, you are retrieving the magical energy of the words inside the files.

Turn your mouse into a Magick Mouse by storing it overnight inside a box or a "sleeping bag" that contains a coin, a sprig of rosemary, and a paper heart. There is an old saying that a "mouse in the house brings luck to the house. ' Every time you click your mouse, the energies represented by what you have stored in its "sleeping bag" is said to infuse your life with lucky energy.

Another good way to manifest magic is to use your screen saver. Try to choose imagery that supports your magickal intent? for instance, images of waterfalls and running water symbolize money, images of flowers represent love and images of clouds and sun represent the acquisition of experience and wisdom.

Never underestimate the power of a password either. When you choose login names or passwords, try and choose names that attract positive energy. For instance the password name "fatdope" might just attract more fat dopes into your sphere. Remember the cosmic principle of "like attracts like."

Good times to do computer magic would be noon or on a Sunday, which are times influenced by the Sun, during the signs of Aquarius, Gemini or Libra which all relate to communication and are ruled by the planet Mercury.

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