7 Perks to Living a Life on Purpose

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1. We all have a purpose in this life time.

The Mystics say each being has 2 core needs, to know they are loved and to know their lives have purpose. Is there anyone out there who doesn't feel like they have some purpose on this Earth? Do you feel embarrassed by thinking that, feel it's too lofty? Some voices in your head telling you all those lovely things, "who do you think you are?", "yeah right, you, hah!" and on and on. I prefer to believe the Mystics. I know my head wants to keep me safe, in the comfort zone, a place where no growth or change will take place, it may have a semblance of comfort to it, it is the place of death.

2. Great way to model for your children.

We want to tell our children how to behave, and yet what the heck are we modeling? Tell children to get along with others meanwhile we are blowing up different parts of the world and its people. Cursing at the guy who just cut us off in traffic, gossiping, etc. Don't smoke, drink, and tell the truth, ...what are we doing? We think that by telling them these things they will learn them and voila, out comes your perfect child. A child learns by what they see and hear, they are watching and listening 24/7 and remember everything!! If you have trouble living on purpose every day for yourself, then do it for your children, do it for the world. Do it so that you get to live your purpose, so you can live in joy, so that you care about what is happening around you, so that your children will get to grow up and not live your limitations.

3. It keeps you living in the moment.

If you are "waiting" you are not living in the moment. What are you waiting for? I think it all started with Prince Charming on the white stallion. When was he going to get here? It's been 52 years and he has not arrived. Maybe I will wait till I get the raise, the career, the job, the relationship, the hairdo, the body, the car, the house, the whatever, and then my life will be perfect. If we are waiting we are living in the past or dreaming about the future and missing every moment of every day to co- create the magical, mystical life we are all longing for. Can you in this moment, think of one thing you are waiting for. Got it.? From a place of compassion what do you need to do to stop the waiting game around this one thing?

4. It feels good!!

The flow, the synchronicity. We have all had those synchronistic moments., they feel so sweet! Would you like more of those? Guess what, when you are living on purpose you are awake and conscious to the miracles going on around you. Most of the time we are absorbed in something other than the present moment and we miss most of them. Using a planner is a wonderful thing, your day, month, is filled with all the most important things in your life, they have a time slot. They get attention! No time at the end of the month you say, I didn't have time to exercise, or I didn't have time to write. You make an appointment for all that is important to you and then live your life around those. Most of us schedule our lives around our work, and get the living done in bits here and there, a 2 week vacation. What if we completely switched that and got our living done first and then did our work?

5. You get to do what you love.

Express your creative self doing things that give you pleasure, joy, juice! Nothing happens when you are laying on the couch watching tv, nothing that is going to change your life. A stress reliever for the moment, the problem is that it takes us to a new level of numbness and stress is still there. Have you ever felt like you were living Groundhog's Day, over and over. The difference is there is no happy ending for us, no shift and everything happily ever after. What happens when you live this life is that you live it day after day after day, hoping it will change, but taking no actions to do so. We live it over and over and then we expire. There is no sequel to this lifetime.

6. People love being around you.

You are fulfilled and in joy, no matter what happens, no one gets to take your joy, you aren't giving it up! How many times have you heard someone say, You made me feel angry?" I know we have all heard that, or another form of it. In truth, no one can make you feel anything unless you allow it. No getting to be the victim. It's up to you. Do you want to live in Joy, or not? It doesn't mean that things aren't going to happen, of course they will. There will be things that will hurt and feel like our hearts are breaking and, you can still hold joy in your heart thru all of it.

7. At the end you are ready to go home

A friend shared that the 2 words people so commonly say on their death beds is Oh Sh**! Elizabeth Kubler Ross said "and at the end of your life you will say what the great majority of people say to me when I sit at their death bed, with great grief and sadness "I have made a living, but I have never lived". Right now, in this moment you have a choice to live a life on purpose that is connected with your true authentic self or to live a life that just seems to happen day after day and wait for that day, or person, job, house, clothes, hairstyle, partner that is going to save you and make your life all better. (just an aside, they/ it isn't coming!) As the Hopi Elders say, "You are the one you have been waiting for". You are the one who holds the keys to go deeper into your life, your reason for being here, your purpose

Antonia Nelson is a Coach and Integrative Therapist, specializing in Life Transformation thru Life Coaching. To receive a free report on "What Coaching can bring to your life" contact Antonia at

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