A Lifetime In Love

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We let ourselves love but are afraid to say I love you. We constantly allow our emotions to run deep but why do we hold back on our sweet sensations and tingling feelings?

Sometimes although it hurts so bad we cry out for more. Is this what love is meant to be like?

There are times when special moments become favourite memories but we find solace and comfort within, without saying a word, without expressing our true feelings, just living life as it comes.

One day it will all begin to fade away and the question will be asked:

  • Where did I go wrong to make it like this?

  • Where is the love?
  • What can I do to turn back the hands of time?
    • The feelings were there but you grew apart. Now you have awakened from your dream with a broken heart.

      Too late to say who is to be blamed. Oh what a dreadful shame.

      Always share your dreams and grow together, making simple moments in life the biggest things ever.

      Out of the blue say I love you, whether there is joy or sorrow. Love knows no boundaries and no distance so why not let love continue to be boundless.

      Why continue to place obstacles in the way of love?

      Once is a lifetime, forever in love. Make it truly a lifetime in love.

      Ken Austin
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