Forgotten Dreams: At the End... Part I

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Treasures of a lifetime...

At the end of your life will you be able to stand at your grave and say I lived an amazing life, I have lived what many didn't even know they could dream. I have loved, I have cried, and I have experienced all that I could find to experience.

At the end of your life who will you be?

So, often we run from death and morn for what has been lost when another dies. In the book "Tuesdays with Morie," Morie ends up celebrating his death, by choice, while he was still alive.

How you embrace death is how you will embrace life!

This is a story of a little box. It is a box that is almost as old as Sally. You see Sally decided when she was about five years of age that this particular box, a shoe box, would be perfect to keep her treasures.

Today at the age of 95 Sally has passed away and her shoe box of treasures, although buried under years of clutter and dust,

has survived the journey with her. Sally kept her treasures with her for 90 years. The box quite worn bearing the scars of

90 years of wear and tear was still in tack. Hidden within the box were many of Sally's most treasured memories.

At the age of five Sally decided that her very first treasure would be a flower. It was a small and delicate white flower filled with purple hues and the softest of scents. It was a flower that filled Sally with great memories and provided her

with many smiles over the last 90 years.

Sally used to enjoy laying amongst the tall grass in a near by field while enjoying the company of her grandfather. Sally's grandfather would sit beside her, resting on an old tree stump, while whittling away at a piece of wood.

On those special mornings Sally would watch the butterflies as they danced around the flowers, giggling as she listened to grandfather and playing with the occasional ladybug. You see Sally's grandfather loved to tell stories as he whittled away and the stories were always filled with adventure.

The stories,in one moment, would have Sally anxiously gazing into her grandfather's eyes as she waited to hear what was next,

and in the next moment, she would be rolling in the tall grass filled with laughter.

It was at five that Sally's grandfather passed away. As Sally sat upon her grandfather's old tree stump there in the middle of the tall grass stood a single flower. On this day no other flower could be seen. As Sally gazed upon the flower the memories came to view and it was then that she knew, the flower was a treasure for her to hold.

The years would come and go, and Sally was always doing something to her treasure box. Her designs including the early crayon markings, included little paper hearts and wonderful little paintings, all accented with special stones and broken pieces of jewelry.

Sally was always placing a memory or two into her box of treasure.

Sally was a playful and rambunctious tomboy, and at the age of thirteen was asked to start handling the chores. No longer could she leave the house at sunrise and return in the late afternoon after a day filed with adventure and sport.

You see Sally could run, jump, and climb with the best of the boys. She could throw and hit a ball with a stick just as well as any of the boys. Often Sally's play was inspired by the stories her grandfather once told.

With Sally spending the better part of her day tending to her chores. Her only reward was the end of the day, and the time she was able to spend with her faithful dog, Patches, up in the old tree house.

Life seemed to stop, for Sally, while she was up in the tree house. It was in the tree house that Sally started to write of her life and the adventures she only dreamed of living.

Sally's diary and stories now where a big part of her treasure box, and the memories she once collected would now lay hidden and forgotten under the pages of her writing.

Each day was a mystery for Sally as she began to write. As her pencil touched the paper her words would begin to flow. She would write and write until there was no more to write.

It was around Sally's 16 birthday that her dog Patches passed away. Her companion and loyal friend. Patches, was with her all the time. As Sally placed Patches' collar into her treasure box, she began to look at the treasures she hadn't viewed in many years.

A small hand mirror, one her grandma gave to her little princess. Horse hair, from her favorite horse. The skin shed from

the biggest king snake she had ever seen. The perfect stone for skipping across the water. The treasures were many, a

child's lifetime in memories. Buried underneath it all was Sally's first treasure and the memory of her grandfather.

How life had changed.

Join me in 7 days for part 2 of "Forgotten Dreams: At the end..." Forgotten treasures...

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