Go Where No Man Or Woman Has Gone Before

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"It`s life Jim but not as we know it."

In Corrogue there is a starry, starry night.

This evening the night sky is so very clear and full of stars. The Milky Way is clearly visible. There is a sense of wonder at the beauty of it all.

When I used to watch television I loved the program created by Gene Rodenberry named "Star Trek." Each week the crew of the Starship Enterprise were encouraged, "to go where no man (or woman) has gone before."

The crew of the Starship Enterprise had many adventures. Often the ships logical First Officer Spock would be asked by the captain James T Kirk what he thought about a particular life form they happened to encounter. Spock would often reply, "It's life Jim but not as we know it."

This is a wonderful description of the miracle that each of us is.

We are life flowing eternally but we do not know it. We do not, in that sense, know who we really are and the vastness of the beauty that we are. We are encouraged to look ever outward and forget the real beauty of our being. This is where heaven truly lies.

The energy that is life is the energy of love.

This is an unconditional timeless flow that manifests in form from the formless. From this emptiness all is created. This is the wonderful paradox of this experience we call life. Everything happens out of "no-thing." We are each a most wondrous "nobody special." We each are the compliment of the Beloved. We live a life of paradox whereby everything is created from "no-thing."

Do not be like the logical First Officer Spock. Do not try to make logical sense out of this paradox. You can know this only by feeling it to be true. The difficulty, however, is that to know and feel this truth you have to disappear. You have to become life but not as you know it. You have to become the dance of the Divine. You become the play of the Beloved.

When you know life as essence there is only the knowing.

There is no one who is different from the knowing. There is unity. You and the knowing are one. There is non-separateness. There is a whole and holy experience. This is not resisted. It is not judged but simply allowed to flow moment to moment. When listening to music there is only the listening. When looking at a sunset there is only looking. There is no interpretation or comparison of this sunset with another. There is only the wonder of the moment. The observed and the observer are one.

Much of our time is spent on making a living and losing our lives in the process.

We compromise our birthright of joy in living a role that gives us some imagined degree of security and value. We fear we might become "nobody special." We fear that "our" life might not measure up. "Our life" in the end might not have any meaning. So we create any sort of meaning rather than "our life" have no meaning at all.

In this age of celebrity and the fame we want to at least have some sense that we have achieved. We want to be seen as somebody special. We want to be someone who's life is important in some little or even large way.

In this way we lose our life.

This is what Christ meant when he said, "He that would save his life shall lose it. " He wasn't advising you that if your life was in anyway threatened that you should simply allow yourself to die. He meant that the lack of faith in the unknown leads us to create an illusion of separateness. The ego creates a life separate from the "real life." It creates life but not life as we know it. The real life is that spoken about by the mystics of all traditions and cultures.

Knowing who you are is the "real life." It is eternal life. It is the great instruction. If you move through "your" life without knowing who you are then you will have missed. This knowing who you are is a heart felt timeless experience of love. It is wisdom. It is the deepest Blessing available.

When you seek you will find. What you find is the seeker is an illusion. You find that the "homeplace" of the heart is a place of oneness, wholeness, non-sperateness and joy. You are a holy being of light. This light is the unconditional eternal energy of Love. When you know that you are this then you know the Blessing is already here.

"God is love" and you have never and can never be separate from this unity. You are made in the image of the Beloved. You are a living paradox of knowing that everything is eternally being born out of no-thing.

The rational First Officer Spock of the Starship Enterprise will tell you that he cannot comprehend this. This is akin to asking the rational mind to turn somersaults. The rational mind thinks in opposites. It is only the heart that can embrace paradox. Only the heart can feel comfortable that black is white and not white at the same time.

The heart knows what the head cannot. The head rationalises which means it can only ever know in part (the word "part" is the root of the word "ratio.") The heart embraces wholeness and the holy. This is wisdom.

In gazing at the emptiness of the night sky I experience wonder. This simple looking allows me to go where few men (or women) have gone before. In the vastness of this nothing ness there is fullness beyond belief. This fullness is the experience of unconditional love for all eternity. Knowing who you are is knowing you are this. This is the real discovery.

This is the real life but not life as the ego will ever know it.

? 2005 Tony Cuckson

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