Naomi and the 5 Life Lessons

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Not long ago, I attended a seminar that featured Naomi Judd, half of the legendary country music duo, The Judds. Naomi, with her talented daughter, Wynonna, set the standard for country music by selling millions of albums, performing to 'sold out' audiences, and winning numerous awards.

The Judds had just finished a whirlwind reunion tour after a decade of not appearing on stage together. During that time Wynonna pursued a successful career as a solo artist while Naomi recovered from illness. Incidentally, Naomi's youngest daughter, Ashley, is the talented actress, one in the same.

Naomi talked about the early days of being a single Mom and raising her 2 daughters and having a dream to "make it" in the music business.

She worked as a nurse and actually secured a record deal with a record company executive while a member of his family was a patient.

She said that her daughters didn't always appreciate her disciplinarian ways. In fact, the girls' favorite saying was, "If it ain't one thing, it's your mother!" But she was disciplining them for what would lie ahead for their futures.

Naomi taught her girls 5 important life lessons:

(1) Change is the true nature of the world.

-She insisted that security is superstition. The only true security comes from within.

(2) Choices are sacred.

-You always get to choose. Just learn to question every choice that presents itself in your life.

(3) Honor your intuition, or inner wisdom.

-Be defined from within. Silence and solitude can be helpful and are creativity's best friends. Live by your inner wisdom. "Your gut gets it before your head figures it out."

(4) Take risks.

-Risks can be fun. They help you out of your comfort zone. You were actually BORN TO WIN. But "any kind of success without personal fulfillment is still failure."

(5) Peace of mind is the goal.

-It gives you the ability to deal with "stuff."

She remarked that shutting out background noise, such as the TV, is essential. There was a period of time when her and her kids didn't have a TV for entertainment. In fact, there wasn't any electricity, telephone, or running water.

As a result, Wynonna improved her singing and guitar playing, while Ashley honed her acting skills and became a voracious reader.

It's evident that Naomi has complete confidence in her inner wisdom. She paced confidently back and forth on the stage, making eye contact with every listener in the audience.

Naomi Judd is living proof that adopting these 5 life lessons can help to enrich your life and fulfill your dreams.

(Special Letter from Naomi)

an update from Naomi

? 2005 - Ronnie Kimball

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