Flat Insurance in the UK

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What are the factors involved in flat insurance? Do I need to provide both buildings and contents cover? Who will cover shared flats or flats with student tenants?

The responsibility to insure the building fabric of a flat lies with the freeholder. This means that if you own your flat on a leasehold basis then you only need to insure the contents. The buildings will be covered by the freeholder. In flats with shared areas and gardens, you normally pay a monthly service charge. Out of this charge, the freeholder will also pay for the buildings insurance.

If you are the freeholder of a flat then you need to insure both the buildings and contents of the property.

If you are renting a flat, then your only concern is the contents that belong to you. Your letting agent might insist that you take adeqaute protection for your liability to the landlord. This means that you have insurance cover ihn case you damage the landlords goods. This can be a good idea and while you are not responsible for wear and tear of the landlords property, if you break the washing machine, this cover can be useful. has a panel of insurance companies that allow it to cover tenants even in shared flats.

Within student shared flats, you need a specialist insurer such as

Tim Larden writes for who specialise in Flat Insurance. The site can provide information for flat renters, sharers or owners on their buildings or contents cover.

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