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If you're planning an overseas trip, you need travel health insurance. Every year, nearly 1 million Americans require emergency medical treatment while overseas. Traditional health insurance plans limit the expenses and amounts that they will pay outside the country, and necessary care may be delayed while arrangements for payment are made.

Imagine being on vacation in Europe and breaking your leg, only to find that your regular health insurance doesn't cover anything but the most basic of treatment for your injury. A good travel health insurance plan can cover all your expenses and make the best of a bad situation.

Your first step should be to check with your regular health insurance company to see what coverage they offer for overseas travel. Very few offer anything but the most limited of emergency medical expenses.

You can find many companies that provide travel health insurance policies online, and in many cases can actually apply via an online application. You might also check with your travel agent, or with the online web site where you booked your vacation to see what options for travel health insurance they offer.

Travel health insurance plans offer far more than medical benefits. Most will also cover many expenses associated with your illness. If your condition necessitates your immediate return home, for instance, your health insurance plan may pay for whatever is medically necessary for you to make the trip safely, including equipment, first class travel, or a nurse.

If you do have to be returned home, your health insurance plan may pay for a family member or other person of your choice to travel from home to travel back home with you. They may pay for your minor children to be returned safely home if you become ill and can't travel with them, including hiring a caretaker to see to their safety, and, if a medical emergency or other catastrophe at home requires your immediate return, your health insurance plan may cover the cost of your return home.

The cost of travel health insurance depends on the length of time that you need coverage and the age of the person being insured. Generally, a healthy adult under 30 can get medical coverage overseas for as little as $1.25 a day for up to $50,000 in expenses. Increasing that benefit maximum to $1,000,000 will cost you only $54 a month. You can check online at travel web sites and health insurance web sites to find your best deal.

When you consider what a medical emergency overseas could cost you, $54 a month is a small price to pay to be sure that your health needs will be covered while you're on vacation.

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