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Grab that Browser! The Captive Affiliate Marketing Model

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Creating mini-sites that grab your browsers and prime them into buyers

If you're familiar with autoresponders this will be simple, but yet many affiliates don't even think of this, and I can understand why - because when you glance over this idea it seems a little over-enthusiastic for making a simple commission based sale. But this is a common flaw in affiliate marketing - we're stuck in this mindset of keeping things as simple as the concept suggests. Affiliate marketing is seen as a two hours per-day setup and check job, but if you put in the work, you reap the rewards now and in the future. If you spend a few days setting up one brilliant campaign it will run on autopilot for months, maybe years.

Getting the browser's email address and offering a mini-course on the niche your affiliate product is in is a fantastic way of building that relationship and priming your buyers.

Go to for a very simple example of a website I set up which has a newsletter to sign up to and a comparison page of some car auction websites found on Clickbank. I found that by getting the visitor's email address I could promote to them over and over again and add a little helpful content in there.

The newsletter they would receive would generally highlight the problems with existing methods of buying a car on or offline, and eventually the email goes out that offers the solution - the websites from Clickbank I was comparing! In the newsletter I pick out the car auction site I ranked number 1 (using my affiliate link of course) and listed the benefits as solutions to the problems I had highlighted in earlier emails and basically pulled some action from the browser to make them a buyer.

You can do this with most products on Clickbank as an affiliate, but I'd advise to make sure the site doesn't already have a newsletter - i.e. a newsletter the product creator or publisher has setup on the master website - obviously this may confuse your customers as to which newsletter they should sign up for. There are, however, plenty of product websites on Clickbank that don't have their own newsletter (surprisingly) so you should take advantage of this and set up your own!

Do a little research around the problems that the product you're promoting solves and highlight these in your newsletter. Send around 5 emails, make it fairly short, keep the subscriber interested. Those who sign up must have some interest in learning more about the product, so give them what they want. Buy the product yourself and, without giving away too much information (the publisher won't appreciate doing that!) just pull out some key points in your own words and offer this free in your newsletter.

If everything is geared up towards making the subscriber more comfortable and willing to buy the product, making it more irresistable, then you should have some success with this.

Also don't forget to highlight the money back guarantee if the product carries it to entice your customers even more- if the product is genuine, they won't even think about asking for that refund.

My free e-course looks more indepth at this concept with video and audio seminars to help the ideas truly sink in. Why not sign up free now at and look to the future of affiliate marketing.

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