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Internet Marketing, Fact Or Fiction?

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I'm sure you've seen it before, your inbox overflowing with promises of making millions in the span of a few weeks. If your like me you have these "opportunities" safely tucked away in your recycle bin faster than you can say "Spam",

but all the while in the back of your mind is that ever-present question, "What if?".

What if hidden among the tidalwave of "Get Rich Quick" hype is the one chance for you to turn your life around and take control of your future?

I won't lie to you, almost all of the garbage floating around the internet today is just that....trash!

I must inform you however, you CAN make your living online if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

There are two main factors in the the prejudice of internet marketing,

[Lack of effort] This is the number one killer of the american dream. Society as a whole would like to believe that success can be achieved with little or no effort on their part and that running a home business consists of firing up their computers and laying around all day!

[Bad experiences] Another large contributing factor in the fear of internet marketing is people who have had less than desirable results from their own efforts. one thing holds true and that is that bad news travels twice as fast and twice as far as good. While a good deed is forgotten a bad experience never is.

If you are serious about going into business for yourself, you CAN be successful.

I know because I've been doing it for two years now and quite frankly I am disgusted with the dark cloud that looms over the phrase "Internet Marketing". This reputation is largely derived from the many scams out there, these are your everyday "Get Rich Quick" schemes claiming to make you millions with little or no effort on your part.

Sadly, many people fall victim to these scams due to their desire To make money with no effort on their part.

I recently had the opportunity to talk via email with one of my visitors, And when asked what she was looking to gain from my services she stated That she wanted to find something where she could make money while doing very little work.

It all comes down to one final truth?.You will get from Internet Marketing What you are willing to put into it. If you dedicate your time and efforts you can reap huge rewards however, If you come into it with the mindset of getting something for nothing All you will end up with are regrets.

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