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Internet Marketing: The Secret Magic Of Converting Your Website Visitors To Buyers

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It is not enough to set up a website to promote your product.

It is not enough to attract visitors to your website.

So, what if they go to your website, but don't buy from you, then what?

But if you know the simple "magical formula" on how to convert them to buyers, then your sales will increase and you'll be a shining success.

If you want your visitors to become buyers, you must Create the environment to dispose them towards that.

The internet marketing trick is to create urgency so people will buy your products or services now.

They may not revisit your web site or see your ad again.

How do you do this? You must use a limited time offer.

Limited time offers stop people from putting off buying your products or services.

It stops them from procrastinating.

There are many different types of limited time offers. Here are a few.

Limited Time Price Offers:

For example, Order Now! While the price is still low. After Dec 23,1999 this price will go up to...

Limited Time Discount Offers:

For example, Order before Midnight, Nov. 5,1999 and you will get 25% discount!

Limited Time Free Bonus Offers:

For example, Order before April 2, 2000 and you'll get a free bonus!

Limited Time In Stock Offers:

For example, Order Now! While supplies last! After Oct. 31,1999 we can't guarantee we will have any left in stock.

I'm not saying everyone will order the first time they see your ad.

They may not be interested in your products or services.

It depends on your ad and the person reading the ad.

If they are interested, usually, limited time offers will make them buy now.

May you succeed in your internet marketing and make a lot of money.


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