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The internet marketer is really a perfect profession. This profession allows you to gain many positive characters. You become more responsible, you learn how to earn money in your home business, how to make it professionally and treat your customers in a way you wanted them to treat you. We have to keep in mind one very important thing that marketing on the internet is different from marketing in real world in some aspects. You may ask why? So, the difference is a little hidden and can't be seen at first.

Most people when they start their journey on the internet think that money are flying here. Ok.. just think, if money are not flying in the real world why should we think that they are flying on the internet? To make money on the internet in your home business is not easier than making them in real world. It is even a little harder.

In real world if you have a shop and visitors coming every day you need to make some advertising campaign to attract them and build your customers list from month to month, from year to year. Once you attracted them and they visited your shop, you don't just watch them whether they buy from you or not. You try to be polite, helpful, answer all their questions to the extent that they start to know you, trust you and then they buy from you. In short, you try to offer them professional service. If they buy from you and happy with the purchase they start to trust you even more. And you start to be even more helpful and professional to keep the trust between you and your customer.

That's the way we market in real world. It is just described in a few words, clear to you without wasting your time.

On the internet, in home business it is a little different. The customer comes to your website and he can't see you, he can't speak to you either. The only thing that he has in front of him is the document in html, i.e. your webpage. At this time he needs your guidance and help as if you were near him. If he can't see any kind of help or answer to his questions then he simply leaves your website and go somewhere to another website where he will find what he is looking for. So, as I said, your customer can't see you, just only your "cold" website. You should know that internet surfer is looking for information, information and information. Not pictures. First of all is information. Your sales directly depend on how professionally you give info about your product. Fail to do this you will fail to make any purchase.

As I said, if you have unique product it is much easier to make profits. If you sell someone's product you must choose the cheapest one and advertised professionally.

That's the key point which many marketers don't care in their home business projects and loose their visitors instead of converting them into a buyer.

If you don't understand it then you lost your 90% of internet profit which may possibly generate your future website or any home business. You have to prepare your website in a friendly way for your customer ( design and interesting content). You have to describe your product in the best way possible. You should describe all the benefits of your product why it is different from other products. You have to describe all the advantages your customer may have if he buys your product. You even should read all your website message addressed to a customer a few times to make sure that it is really helpful and clear. You have to feel that you described your product in the best way possible so when a visitor comes to your website he may have all questions answered even if you are not near him. If you don't do that, you lost your customer forever.

The best and easy product you can sell on the internet is info product or any downloadable product. It may be ebook or software. It is also advisable to have your own product because if you sell someone's product then keep in mind that you are not alone doing this. An internet surfer can buy it from any other place. But if you have your own product then he can buy it only from you and it is a serious advantage in your favor.

If you want to have good sales of your product then you first need to create your product. You need to study your industry and you need to study your competitor's products similar to your product. Once you have this information you start to understand what is happening in your specific industry, you start to know your competitor's product. After that, try to create your own product.

Finally when you create your website or webpage you need to write a good presentation of your product, show all advantages and difference from other products and you must do it step by step like on my webpage. If you fail to do this then any internet surfer who may visit your webpage, will find you incompetent and will never buy from you. Especially when you write your presentation you must be clear and honest with your customers/visitors. Never exaggerate your product value or features. Don't give false promises about your product in your presentation letter on your website. If you do this then you will never have repeat sales and any internet marketer knows that if you have no repeat sales from the same customers then you will not be able to have your customers list/subscribers list and if you don't have it then your home business will never grow. Remember, giving false promises is not ethical and additionally it will destroy your success.

When you prepare your product information, i.e. presentation on your website home page you must use the correct words which may really reflect your product true features and convince your visitor to make the purchase. But if you don't have a great product or fail to create such a one which means you can't compete with other products then I am sorry to inform you that you will not be able to make good presentation of your product.

Once you prepare your message you'd better re-read it again and again and look at your message from the view of your visitor and make sure that your message is really convincing. Not false convincing but true convincing. If you can't study your industry, competitor's products and prepare true presentation you'd better spend more time until you collect enough knowledge. Never try to hypnotize your visitor or cheat him. Avoid hypnotic words like: " I am going to reveal to you never-before-revealed secrets" and "instant formulas."

If you stay sincere with your visitors they will trust you and buy from you more. If you can't prepare such a kind of your product presentation and just try to sell something like others then it is hard to make much sales. In this case you need from 1 to 2 years to get most of your website or maybe longer.

If your product is not in high demand, your presentation letter is weak and not convincing then you may have some little sales. Or even you may have even good sales but in this case you need to bring huge traffic which requires some time, up to two years for full exposure or maybe even more.

You must understand that there is no any secret behind internet millionaire's tactics. It is very simple. The "secret" means:

1. Having a great product.

2. Great and professional presentation of your product.

3. The right traffic tactics.

If you don't have a great product or product in high demand then even if you can bring huge traffic you can't make serious money. If you have a great product but don't know how to bring traffic to your home business, you fail again.

Note that the key of success is in great product which is high demand. If you have it and bring decent traffic even in this case you will get a good number of orders. There is no any secret. It is so simple.

Online Home Business Guide Tips by Rauf Kuliyev

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