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Website Advertising: How to Seduce Your Website Visitors And Make Them To Buy From You

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Website advertising is an art and you must understand its dynamics before it will work for you.

Here are a few website advertising insiders' secrets that will enable you to seduce your customers and make them buy from you.

(1) Use Verbs, Action Words in your website or ad copy!

Action words speak to the subconscious mind directly!

By reaching for their subconscious mind, you bypass the objecting conscious mind and make them to desire what you're selling.

The subconscious is the Motivator, the Action Taker, the very seat of all Emotions.

Action words (especially the first word in bulleted benefits) easily get the inner mind to open saying yes, yes let's do it!

Use words like...create, profit, turn, discover, keep, develop, open, build and any more you can think of.

Look close at some of the greatest advertiser's ads and you'll see ads full of action!

(2) Be passionate and emotional in the presentation of your offer!

People respond to passion, to excitement and drama. It doesn't matter who they are, doctors, lawyers or bankers!

(3) Break Up Your Copy - Create White Space!

Nothing loses more sales than a solid page of type.

People just won't read it.

Responses have increased 300% or more just by breaking the copy up, making it inviting to read!

Use short sentences, short paragraphs and simple words! Make it easy and clear!

(4) Use the Seductive Power of Confidence!

Always show absolute confidence in your letters.

State your claims simply and boldly - DON'T EVER BEG!

You must be confident in your presentation if you desire to inspire confidence in your buyers.

May these website advertising insiders' secrets improve your website advertising and make you a lot of money.


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