Teak Adirondack Chairs

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Outdoor furniture constructed with teak wood is a favorite among consumers due to the beauty and durability of the individual pieces. For this reason, a wide variety of outdoor furniture is made using teak ranging from teak Adirondack chairs to classic, formal furnishings.

Teak, a hard strong durable yellowish-brown wood, grows in the region of Southeast Asia and is harvested from the surrounding forests and teak plantations by the locals. The wood of the teak tree is naturally resistant to insects, warping, splintering and the elements, which makes it an ideal wood for creating furniture.

Often called the premier wood for garden furniture, teak is unique in that it can withstand the elements year after year with virtually no maintenance. With teak Adirondack chairs, there is no sealing, no staining, and no finishing.

Many would agree that by combining this amazing wood with the comfort and style of the Adirondack chair, a truly beautiful, versatile piece of furniture would be created which would complement any garden, bring years of enjoyment, and be the envy of the neighbors.

Just think; if you were to purchase a teak Adirondack chair, it could remain outdoors in all seasons and it would remain beautiful for years with no help from you. You could simply place it in your garden, enjoy it while you were outside, and forget about it the rest of the time. Isn't that what everyone wants from their garden furniture?

Teak chairs also come in a wide variety of styles which complement any garden or outdoor setting. You can browse through a large array of dining chairs, folding chairs and armchairs, which include styles such as Chippendale, St. George and Nantucket, just to name a few.

You can even purchase teak Adirondack chair cushions or teak chair cushions (dining, armchair, etc.) to add that special design element and to set off your new or existing furniture. There are over 40 colors available, and you can choose from both solid colored fabrics and patterns.

No matter what your style or setting, you can be sure to find a teak Adirondack chair to suit you. Whether gracing a formal garden or simply placed by the pool, you can not go wrong with teak.

While furniture made out of teak is a little more expensive than garden furniture made out of other materials (expect to spend a few hundred dollars or more), it is well worth the cost. The lack of maintenance and length of time that teak furniture remains beautiful and durable make it a better buy over the other options. To put it into perspective, think of how often you have to replace or re-stain outdoor furniture because it has succumbed to the elements and is not usable or attractive.

Keep this in mind the next time you shop for garden furniture, and you may just find yourself purchasing a teak Adirondack chair. Remember, there is a reason that people choose teak over other materials, and there is a reason that teak furnishings are called the premier outdoor furniture.

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