Choose Your Best Life: Where Are Your Choices Leading You?

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According to the dictionary choice means "to select freely after consideration, to have a preference for, to take an alternative and of high caliber." Based on this definition, I believe choice is the act of careful selection, identifying preferences and exploring quality alternatives that lead to freedom. How often do we approach our choices in such a deliberately thoughtful way?

As a business owner, it's important to note that choice speaks to your commitment to building and growing your business while looking at all possible available options. Choice involves thoughtful decision-making and focuses on doing and being your best in life. More importantly, choice implies that there is an opportunity to have freedom and victory in all that you do. Here's an approach to mastering the art of choice so you can propel your business and life forward:

? Consider your business mission. Use your mission as a guide for what's appropriate in, and specific for, your business. By the way, making the right choices for your business is nearly impossible if you don't have a mission. (It means you also have no framework with which to operate your business.)

? Consider your business priorities. This consideration will help you focus on what's important and tie your choices to these priorities. Review and repeat this consideration to account for changes in priorities based on other factors like timing, market information, or new opportunities.

? Have clear business goals; match them to your business mission. Your mission partnered with clear business goals are guidelines for clear targets like your ideal client and defined niche. Revisit and revise your goals regularly so that your choices are consistently aligned with your mission and priorities.

? Identify what you're willing to do to support your business mission and priorities. These intentions represent your commitments to act. Keep these intentions at the forefront of your choices and ultimately your actions. Intentions reinforce your responsibility to build and maintain your business.

? Exercise courage by acting on your mission, priorities, goals and intentions. Engage others to hold you accountable to your actions. It's easy to think we can do it alone but why would you want to when you have others who are able and willing to support you. Are you your best accountability partner?

? STRETCH -- Take risks and expand opportunities to do "one more thing" to act on your mission, goals, priorities and intentions. Look at how you build "one more thing" into your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. It's all about moving forward.

By mastering the art of choice, you recognize the power you have to choose what happens in your life and business. It sounds simple and easy?and it truly is! When you underscore what's really important you're well on your way to mastering the art of choice. Prepare yourself for the freedom and fulfillment you're creating. Remember, it IS a choice!

Wendy Y. Bailey is a Personal and Business Coach with Brilliance In Action Enterprises, Inc. This professional coaching organization helps women business, entrepreneurs and business professionals blend their personal and business lives successfully while creating a profitable business. This article is an overview of the audio workshop entitled, Choose Your Best Life. The CD containing the principles for mastering the art of choice may be purchased at

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