Getting Things Done, Without the Sweat!

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How do you get your people on your side? And once their on your side, how can you get them to do anything you want? It's a skill that we all want. Nothing's better than leaving the hard work for someone else! But how?

Do You Have It In You?

Getting what you want and deserving it are two totally different things! Do you think it's reasonable to order a task onto your subordinate? Do you think it's acceptable to call up a friend only when you want something? Or how about being nice to someone just to butter them up but ignore them otherwise?

No way! No fair!

What would you think if someone treated you like that? Well this happens all the time. It happens everywhere and between anyone: managers and subordinates, co-workers, friends or even family...

Be There. Be Seen. Be Consistent.

You'll need to consistently treat people well. Even on your bad days! How would someone know whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or you're just being a jerk? They don't know (and often don't care) about your situation, so leave your negative feelings away from the table.

You'll need to make visits just to say "hello" or better yet, make visits to convey how much you appreciate their work and how important they are apart of your team. Don't just knock at the door when you need something! Being friendly all the time will leave you some wiggle room in the future to get what you want done, especially since you'll be inspiring loyalty and respect right from the outset. It's a lot tougher to say "no" to someone who's put so much faith and trust in you, isn't it?

Yes, They Really Are the Center of the Universe.

When you talk to someone, make them feel special! Create a welcoming environment that allows them to feel comfortable around you. Make them feel as though they are an integral part of the team or an important person your life. When you pay them a visit, make it visible that you're happy to see them, (and not that they should be happy to see you!). For the time that you're engaged in their world, you should treat them as if they are the center of the universe; as if what they say and do truly matters.

When you speak with them, show excitement, be grateful, and listen smartly and actively. Rule out all distractions but if you were distracted, be sure to apologize for the distraction and continue the conversation.

Another simple but equally important task...say "cheese" and smile. Giving a little smile once in a while makes a huge difference that'll help show that you're human too!

If people are treated with respect and feel special, they'll be more likely to follow your wishes and walk in your footsteps. You should strive to build rapport and create a positive atmosphere that will benefit you, your team and your goals in the future!

How can you improve your people management skills? Take action today!

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