Give Your Valentine A Very Special Gift - Empowerment

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Delegating is a commonly misunderstood concept. Delegating is not about dumping problems or chores you dislike doing onto the shoulders of others, it is an invaluable tool for "motivating and training your team to realize their full potential." (Blair)

What an awesome power we each hold. We have the ability to assist another person (i.e., your spouse, kids, or coworker) in capitalizing on their full potential.

How many thousands of dollars do people spend on motivational tapes, programs, weekends, coaches, and training seminars on learning how to make best use of our abilities? Most people want true fulfillment, in all areas of life.

Therefore, it benefits you AND your loved one to learn how to delegate.

Make sure this person knows what you want done, they can actually complete the task, and they know how to do it.

Many people worry that if they let others do a job for them, they will lose control or the job will not be completed as well as you would have done it yourself. For example, I just gave birth to my second child. During these past two weeks, others have done my cleaning, cooking, and shopping. Have they cleaned as well as I might have? No. Did they buy the brands and specific products that I would have bought? No.

I told myself that the jobs that I delegated did not have to be done as well as I could have done them. They just had to be GOOD ENOUGH.

When you think about tasks you can delegate, decide what is "good enough". I decided that I can live with my clean but not perfect kitchen or the sandwich bags that were purchased without Ziplocs. For now, they will do. I took a breath and then let go of my high standards.

And you know what, I see how happy people are to help me and how good they feel doing a job that requires them make their own decisions. They feel empowered and I know my confidence in them only helps.

Give your children a chance at loading or unloading the dishwasher. Assign a special project to your subordinates at work. A toddler can help set the table. The forks may not be on the left but one day they will get there!

Empower your loved ones today and enjoy the results tomorrow (or a little later :)

Rebekah Slatkin is a professional organizer dedicated to getting people organized through hands-on decluttering sessions, teleconferencing, coaching, and her website. Visit and subscribe to Organewz, her ezine dedicated to organized living and get organizing tips and downloads- free.

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