Leadership Is Power: Test Your Ethics

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"The payoff for the ethical person is a reputation for honesty. It's a payoff that makes every undertaking easier and attracts unsolicited opportunities. It's also a payoff that results in strong friendships based on trust. And I don't think there's anything more rewarding. -Don Dwyer

How much energy do you invest in developing your natural abilities and skills? Would you rather be a leader or a follower? Leaders like winning and tend to think well of themselves. They influence others by what they do, rather then by what they say. Most of the time, leaders also do the right things. Followers like to look for anyone that will tell them what to do and carry them through life. They are never in a position of power and are not rewarded for their lack of leadership ability.

When you help others discover their abilities, and achieve greater success and happiness, you become better at what you do and add to your emotional prosperity. These qualities are the power of leadership. Others are moved by your behavior and influence; this is ethics in action. Leaders are valuable in any organization. You are looked up to, able to make good decisions, and your strength to build on past successes is valuable.

Leaders must demonstrate a high level of ethics. Acting in a moral light, obeying the laws, and following through on your commitments, is the payoff for doing the right thing. It makes each task that you have to do much easier and many unexpected opportunities will come your way. Now that's rewarding.

Success is based on ethical goals. It carries with it a moral and ethical quality that is based on your value system. When you become successful by unethical, or dishonest means, it is not lasting. Therefore, success built on goals that include good moral values, means more and lasts longer. You feel better and others respond to your good moral character.


1. Set ethical examples for others to imitate: being moral, honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

2. Associate with others who match your values and passion for success.

3. Train others to reach for their goals.

4. Give praise when or where it's due.

5. Show gratitude as often as possible.

6. To be not only in command of others, but of self.

7. To not be afraid to make and admit mistakes.

8. Having a good grasp on managing your time.

9. Knowing how to seek and accept guidance when required.

10. Believing in the power of Faith.

Managing and controlling your thoughts, ideas, and actions; being the best you can be and helping others be their best are signs of good leadership. And demonstrating good moral values is the greatest part of being a leader. When you make every effort to reveal your best self-image you will never feel a lack of confidence, and your most cherished plans and aspirations will materialize. If your image is satisfactory, you will often value your abilities, skills, and actions, and your plans will move you toward success. Are you continuing to be a leader?

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