Precious Moments

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There is too much learning out there that we earn drop by drop as we go through experiences in life. There is one of the experiences that I earned from a workshop on Leadership Skills and Management.

There were managers from different companies who were there to attend the workshop. We all were waiting for the host to start the workshop and there was an aura that could be felt around. The presenter of the workshop walked up to the writing board and wrote Who Am I? and asked all the managers to take 10 minutes and think on it and keep the answers to ourselves. There was pin drop silence in the room and everyone was thinking the answer of that, that was a moment to be heard, there was silence all around, but too many voices could be heard in the silence, as everyone was talking to themselves. This first question was really an eye opener.

The second big value that we learnt was the importance of Behavior. The presenter just became the manager and told us that we all are employees, some of the participants smiled, and he became more harsh saying that he doesn't like anyone to smile in his presence, this sounded so odd, but he was making himself clear as to how a deep impact one has on the colleagues whom the managers work with day to day and how important it is to learn as to how important the behaviors are and to listen ourselves with ears wide open as to how we interact. Another lesson learnt.

Every single word that we heard, held great values in it. Like, "Decisions should be based on Values". There was this very interesting piece of information that how bad politics severely damages the organization and takes it years behind in the goals and targets that are to be achieved, and on the other hand how working together hand in hand and being sincere to organization and its growth can take an organization up, up and up. Being loyal.

This host asked a business tycoon about the secret of his growth, his answer was that his Intentions are clean, and that is his only secret of his success. He values the people who work shoulder with shoulder with him to develop the organization and he believes in taking them to the higher grounds with him of growth and success. That was really another very valuable piece of information.

We were going through an exercise where every manager had to comment on how one manager would think about the good workers in his team and I was a little hesitant on my turn. I told two points being a little shaky, the host came up to me and said, Be Expressive, his words really gave me a whole lot confidence and energy, and I stated the rest of the points with confidence, and that was really amazing to see myself like that.

I believe one can learn so much from what we see around us, its just we need to see them. There is too much data that slips right under our eyes, but we are unable to recognize. A person who holds the door so that an elderly can walk in just teaches so much that cannot be explained in words.

The workshop is engraved in my mind and I always go back and refresh the valuable things that I learnt from it and I am really thankful to the host and all the participants from whom I learnt so much. Thanks to all. Every single moment that we learn from is pretty precious, grab it.

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