Strengthening Leadership Development with Employees

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Within every business lies a network of people who are working to make their employer successful. Because growing business requires more employees, employers need to seek prospective candidates who will align well with their business. Some businesses prefer to promote employees internally; and it can be very beneficial for their company. Keep in mind of three ways a business might want to hire internally. These reasons not only help with the growth of the business but enhance leadership development with their employees.

Strategy- Hiring new employees is needed and inevitable within a growing business. However, most employers strategize and hire internally for upper-level management positions. Within a growing business, hiring new employees will be inevitable, this strategy, to hire candidates internally, saves time, money, and resources that would otherwise be used to train management employees. Upper-level management positions may require some training, but an internal employee will already have exposure and working knowledge of the company and their position. Their natural leadership development will prosper as they begin to train and educate new employees of the business.

Culture- Every business exhibits a work culture that employees are accustomed to. When you promote internally, you are hiring people who are already familiar with that work culture and leadership development is enhanced when employees carry on the traditions of a company. When an internal employee is promoted, they are often influenced by the leadership of their predecessor; and if they wish to follow their predecessor, many of the same traditions will be maintained. For example, if a predecessor hosted a Friday luncheon for all employees, the successor might wish to section off that day for their employees to continue the tradition. This provides other employees a sense of continuity. A promoted employee will take on the reigns of their new position, and lead often employees with a continued, valued work culture.

Future vision and goals- A job or career is a significant part of one's life, spending a full-time work load each week, and establishing relationships with work associates. With leadership development, the long-term employee develops a strong relationship with their employer. They understand and are willing to help accomplish the goals of the company. Out of loyalty, they promote the vision and goals of the company to others especially new hires.

Hiring from within or hiring new faces has various benefits. Hiring external candidates for upper-level management positions will provide a business with fresh ideas. Yet, as mentioned before, hiring candidates internally will save time and resources. To develop employees within your own business, prepare them for promotion and help improve their leadership development so that they can become a continuing asset to your business.

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