The Flexible Leadership Workshop

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The Leadership Challenge

Leaders in today's society are faced with an increasingly complex challenge: To deliver business results in the face of rapidly changing conditions, while building team members' capacity to address the future. While organizations are becoming generally flatter, less hierarchical, less "command-and-control," individual managers must still determine which leadership style to employ. As leaders, we may recognize the value of developing our delegation and facilitation skills, but be unsure whether we can use them in every case, and still get the results we desire. This is where a flexible leadership workshop can help.

Diagnose and Apply the Appropriate Style for Every Situation

The Flexible Leadership Workshop is designed to provide today's leaders with the tools they need to apply the right leadership style to every situation. Some models for situational leadership focus only on the readiness of the individual; some models are too complex to use effectively in the workplace.

The Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) has created a learning experience that provides:

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive tool for diagnosing workplace situations.
  • Clear and specific criteria screens for choosing the appropriate leadership style.
  • Extensive practice to gain confidence in use of new tools and skills.
  • Personal flexibility assessments and evaluations that identify gaps in learning and areas for development
Develop Confidence and Skills in Managing in a Variety of Situations

Participants in this leadership workshop will learn to delegate more effectively, facilitate discussions when involvement of team members is required, establish clear commitments and accountability, and know when each style is appropriate to the situation. For leaders wishing to strike the balance between personnel development and getting things done, Flexible Leadership provides a helpful road map to guide their decisions and efforts.

To find out how CMOE can assist with your Leadership Workshop needs, contact our team toll free at (888) 962-6224 or visit our website.

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